March 1, 2024

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Retired at the age of 29 with a combined salary of 29 88 years

Retired at the age of 29 with a combined salary of 29 88 years

A couple living in Las Vegas, Nevada, were able to retire at the age of 29, with a total annual salary of 000 88,000.

Joe and Ali Olson, parents of three children under the age of 5, did not win the lottery as many of their neighbors thought. But in reality, the process is very complicated.

“The key to success is consistency and time,” they told CNBC.

“We worked for 8 years. And during those years, we did everything we could to increase our income. We did the tutoring, we taught on the weekends and in the summer, ”Joe explained.

“To reduce our costs, we lived in a small apartment of 400 square feet. I had a used car with me during my study and we kept this time,” Ali adds.

Now aged 35 and 34, the couple got married while in college. They both began their careers as teachers in 2008, following a housing crisis that shook the region.

Joe and Ali explained that they maintained a frugal lifestyle when they were students. They saved almost 80% of their salary. With these savings, they bought rental homes.

“We didn’t miss anything. We weren’t happy. We loved simple things like a picnic in the park or watching a movie at home,” Joe said.

By 2020, the couple will have 19 homes across the United States. They both quit their jobs when their investments paid off their annual salary, 000 88,000 in full.

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