December 8, 2023

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Webdia integrates its gaming activities under the People of the Game brand – image

POG Webedia

During the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2021 (e3), an international video game show, Webia Group announced the re-launch of all brands, media, talents and gaming offers under the International Umbrella Brand: POG, People of the Game. The group has 20 gaming brands in 15 countries (France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Middle East, Brazil, Mexico, USA, UK, etc.) and has over 80 million users each month (source Google Analytics / Webedia). Among them:, Game‌star, 3DJuegos, GRYOnline, IGN Brazil, SaudiGamer, as well as the MGG brand in all territories.

Webedia brings its international gaming impact offering with many international talents, creators, streamers and animators under the POG Entity. Among them, Micho, El Rubius, Domingo, Cyprian, Ebay, Willirex, Vegeta 777, German Letsplay, Ungesfield, Inscope 21, Regius, Ekipa… in total, POG influencers claim to have over 860 million followers per month and 2.1 views per month. With POG, all media, talents and gaming offers intended for advertisers and webidia partners are now grouped under a global brand.

The group represents “an ambition to be implemented with an official partnership between Webedia and the Entertainment Software Association within the framework of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) for the next three years (2021 to 2023).” In France, Webedia launched the 360 ​​editorial system, mainly on stream, but also deployed on, MGG and ES1. Lestream, the 1st Generalist Web TV in France, revisits its program schedule and changes from June 12 to 15 from 4am to 3am with 100% E3 programming and 100% E3 programming. This way Lestream will stream all E3 live streams and will be integrated into and MGG’s homepages for the duration of the channel’s feed device. At 4 pm, the Journal offers a special program to explain, comment on, and view all announcements made during various streams and conferences. The and MGG sites provide all the ads made during the show through special sections, videos and files on their pages. Finally, the ES1 channel will broadcast the event bonus on Wednesday, June 16, along with the “E3 minutes” pastilles between its programs, from June 14 to 20.

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