June 5, 2023

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Carey Decary Vaccine Clinic | Painful waiting for a second dose

Carey Decary Vaccine Clinic |  Painful waiting for a second dose

People who presented themselves at the Carey Decari Vaccine Clinic on Wednesday afternoon, often the elderly. Some had to wait almost two hours to receive their injection. There has been some backlash from a new order that invites some customers who cannot afford their second dose to come to the vaccination clinic in person using the Click Sante portal.

Ariane Lacorsier

Ariane Lacorsier

Funny Levesque

Funny Levesque

2:30 p.m. The 300 people who made the appointment were waiting in a certain chaos in the corridors of the Carey Decor shopping center. A few chairs are available for these people, many of whom are over 70, resting while waiting.

Sylvia Wendy had had her second dose with her 91-year-old mother. Behind the stately queue, M.To me Wendy could not explain the “lack of organization”. “There are people everywhere. Many lines ఎలా How do we know it’s our turn? She asked. Monique Savage was able to take his second dose on the Click Sante platform on Tuesday morning. “Today is completely free. I did not hesitate to expect!», The lady said pointing towards the stately queue.

At 3 p.m., a security guard invited people with an appointment to come a little further by 1:30 p.m. Walkers and most of the people with the cane moved quietly. Some struggled to hide their frustration as security guards opened their heads, asking people to respect the two-meter distance. It has also been suggested that waiting for the first dose is not too long.

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At CIUSSS du Center-Oyster-de-L-de-Montreal, a large number of attendees at Carey Decor on Wednesday clicked on Santa Platform for trying to change their appointment online, but those who received the error message went to the Walk-in Vaccine Clinic in their area to correct their information. Invited from Wednesday to come in person.

Since Monday, those who qualify to bring their second dose forward have found it difficult to operate on the web.

Click Santa Platform works, explains the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS). As soon as there is an error entering the data when making the first appointment, people will not be able to pre-empt their second dose on the web.

Theodora, 72, explained at the Carey Decary Clinic Tap She is vaccinated earlier than the second dose from her mother Tamara, 91. “But I could not find my file on Click Sante,” she said.

She phoned the telephone support line, where she was told to come in person to the immunization clinic to resolve the case. CIUSSS du Center-u Yeast-de-El-de-Montreal says it “gave tickets with time to return for vaccination”. “But many decided to stay in the queue”, which explains the observed congestion, which refers to CIUSSS.

Quebec has expanded its offer of walk-in clinics

On Wednesday afternoon, the Ministry of Health announced that it was expanding the offer of walk-in clinics to facilitate the administration of a second dose for Quebecars who want to advance their injection date.

Since the deployment of this new phase of the vaccination campaign on June 7, the MSSS has acknowledged that “some people have had some trouble with Click Sante and have not been able to advance their appointment”. According to the MSSS, the situation “may be due to inconsistency in personal information or lack of information when making an appointment for the first dose.”

Health Minister Christian Dubey said he had put forward more than 200,000 appointments since Monday, including 100,000 on Wednesday. “In total, 3 million people will be able to bring their recruitment forward in the coming weeks. As we have been doing from the beginning, we will follow what is happening on the field and correct the situation when necessary, ”he said on Twitter.

The MSSS suggests that people who are unable to register online to go ahead with the administration of their second dose may go to a walk-in clinic to correct incorrect information and obtain a second dose if the first dose received is given. MSSS certifies that the offer of a walk-in clinic service will be expanded to make this type of clinic available in each area. Another possibility is to keep the date of his actual appointment, which was written.

CISSS and CIUSSS are responsible for expanding their offer. On Wednesday afternoon, the CIUSSS Center-u East-de-l-de-Montreal announced that it was expanding its walk-in clinics offer and increasing their opening hours by Thursday.

To date, 643,000 cubes have received their second dose, or 7.5% of the population. Quebec should give 5 million second doses by the end of August to reach the goal of covering 75% of those aged 12 and over. This represents a rate of 59,200 doses per day. Currently, Quebec gives an average of 23,000 second doses per day or fourth dose per day. However this ratio is growing rapidly.

The arrival of modernity

Currently, those who receive the first dose of Pfizer vaccine are able to bring his second injection forward. Ottawa on Wednesday confirmed that Canada will receive 7 million doses of modern vaccine by the end of June. “Thanks to this announcement, we will be able to quickly regain the second dose of those who received Moderna,” Minister Dubey also said on Twitter.

“We are waiting for details from the federal government for the number of doses. As soon as we receive the confirmations, we will give instructions to bring forward the appointments of those who want them,” he added.

For those who received the estrogen vaccine in the first dose and want to keep the same vaccine in the second dose, it is possible to go to a walk-in clinic or advance their appointment at Click Sante – some beaches have recently opened, confirming MSSS. On the other hand, for those who want to convert to an mRNA vaccine, it is currently not possible to advance his appointment. “Interchangeability of vaccines is possible within a period of 16 weeks,” the ministry said. Therefore, a person receiving the first dose of the estrogen vaccine, if they wish to receive the Pfizer vaccine in the second dose, must wait for their appointment set for 16 weeks after the first dose. ”

On Wednesday, COVID-19 reported 178 new cases and 8 deaths in the province. Hospitalizations are down, with 257 on Wednesday, down 6 from the day before. The number of intensive care patients has not been budgeted, while the rest are at 60.

In terms of vaccine, 74,208 doses were administered in the last 24 hours.

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