July 5, 2022

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Joe Biden cut his work for him in Europe

Joe Biden cut his work for him in Europe

During his first time abroad, the President will have to do a lot to curb the American international leadership that has severely damaged his international leader.

As soon as he landed the plane, Joe Biden took a big step towards American diplomacy, showing that the United States spokesman was no longer the megalomaniac official nationalist who wanted to mobilize attention by moving the standards and abandoning his country’s historic commitments. .

Not bad, but it’s hard to convince allies and opponents that the United States can now be taken seriously in foreign policy.

Leadership among Tatars

It is not wrong to say that there were doubts about the legitimacy of the American leadership before Donald Trump entered the scene.

However, by vigilantly abandoning the Paris climate agreement, by knocking on the WHO’s door in the midst of a pandemic, by trying to cash in on the United States’ commitment to its allies, and by abandoning the promotion of democratic values, Vladimir Putin, among others, In four years America has worked harder to undermine international leadership than it has put together.

Joe Biden has a more complete reconstruction job than him.

Necessary actions

It’s good that Donald Trump is not, but it’s not enough.

Last week, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen took a big step forward in concluding an agreement in principle for a minimum tax for multinational corporations. Despite the Republican opposition wall, Joe Biden needs to be convinced of his view that he can pass the necessary legislation.

His promise to deliver 500 million doses of the COVID vaccine to the rest of the world is an extraordinary gesture, but his political opponents will find a way to stick in his wheels.

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Biden will be challenged in a face-to-face meeting with Vladimir Putin, who will not give him gifts and has mastered the art of fueling internal divisions in the United States.

Overcome skepticism

Above all, in a very precarious internal political climate, bilateral consensus, even in foreign policy, to its minimum, it is a challenge to prove that Joe Biden has good control over his country’s governance.

This is difficult because this test is related not only to the trends of foreign policy, but also to its ability to keep its internal program in motion.

The rest of the world will depend on its success, the global post-Kovid recovery will be difficult without a strong recovery in the US economy at first, but the international leadership of the United States will depend on the confidence of its people. Partners The stability of American democratic institutions.

In short, what the rest of the world expects from Biden is a guarantee that we will not see the return of Trump or Trumpism. It takes longer than the trip.