May 17, 2022

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COVID-19 Vaccine Redistribution System | Maduro condemned the ‘theft’ and demanded the release of funds from Biden

COVID-19 Vaccine Redistribution System |  Maduro condemned the 'theft' and demanded the release of funds from Biden

(Caracas) Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Friday demanded the release of $ 10 million in Venezuelan funds intended for the Kovacs system for the redistribution of “Kovix-19” vaccines from his American counterpart Joe Biden.

Condemning the “criminal theft”, the Venezuelan president assured that the last $ 10 million paid by his country would be blocked from profiting from the Kovacs system because of US sanctions against Venezuela.

“The Kovacs system came and told us the last ten million dollars in a recent official letter […] Blocked by the United States government […] What is it called? Criminal theft, criminal sanctions, criminal actions by the United States of America against Venezuela! “, He confirmed during a televised address.

“I want to […] He says the Joe Biden government will stop withholding Venezuelan money for Kovacs vaccines, and that the Joe Biden government will release vaccine money to the Venezuelan people.

The $ 10 million was blocked by a Swiss bank in the framework of an “investigation”, Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez explained.

The United States has decided on a set of sanctions against Venezuela, many of which do not recognize the current president as the international community does.

Venezuela claims to have paid $ 120 million to obtain vaccines through the World Health Organization (WHO) co-led Kovacs system, but its regional office, the Pan American Health Organization, has not confirmed its payment.

However, one of its executives, Ciro Ugarte, on Wednesday assured that the process of sending vaccines to Venezuela was “underway” and referred to the remaining 10 million balance.

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Venezuela, a country with a population of 32 million, has more than 247,000 COVID-19 pollution and 2,781 deaths, but this is far from the reality, according to official figures questioned by NGOs such as Venezuela’s Opposition and Human Rights Watch.