May 23, 2022

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Good air quality in Montreal in 2020

Good air quality in Montreal in 2020

Montreal’s air quality is expected to improve significantly by 2020, according to a new municipal report.

Philip Tissira-Lessard

Philip Tissira-Lessard

Compared to 2019, the number of days without air quality has been halved from 44 to 21.

“More generally, we see 2020 to be the year with the lowest air quality from 2014,” the city of Montreal said in a press release issued on Friday morning.

The main responsibility for this development is: the COVID-19 pandemic. From mid-March to the end of the year, only seven days without air quality were counted.

“The slowdown in some human activity during the epidemic helped improve the air quality index,” the metropolis concluded in its report, referring to “the slowdown and construction of some economic activity, including transportation and construction sites.” “Air traffic is a major source of pollutants in the air. Therefore, traffic congestion has helped to improve air quality,” the document continues.

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