March 1, 2024

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Tickets are refunded by Air Canada in English

Tickets are refunded by Air Canada in English

Not only did Air Canada have all the hardships in the world to pay back for two plane tickets worth more than $ 2,000, but when Montreal finally got the answer, it was written in English.

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“It’s really icing on the cake,” the Frenchman said in a derogatory tone.

OmTo me Kenny had to work very hard to get his refund. The problem is, when she applied for a travel credit in May, she did not receive a credit voucher.

After the refund policy was established on April 13, she wrote to the company several times. She spent 75 minutes on the phone before losing the line. She rewrote the company. Time is running out as Air Canada gives its customers two months for reimbursement. In order to do so she absolutely needs her famous credit note.

Eventually, she received her credit voucher, but in an email written in English, she did not like it at all. “I had a really unpleasant experience from A to Z”, she said bored.

Air Canada extended its refund policy by one month on Thursday. Therefore, customers have until July 12 to ask to get their hands on their money.

The airline said it has been requesting a refund of 40% of eligible customers since April 13. Of this number, 92% of the submitted requests were processed, it said in a press release.

Any request can be made online with the carrier or its travel agent.

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