May 27, 2022

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Biden-Poutin: A simple peak or meeting with history?

Biden-Poutin: A simple peak or meeting with history?

Some meetings, such as face-to-face meetings between Russian and American leaders, are beyond the exact moment they take place. They echo the peaks that changed the course of history and have consequences that are only realized after reality. Hence the fascination with the first Biden-Poutin Tate-a-Tate on Wednesday.

The White House has been catching up in recent weeks on the importance of the early stages of President Biden’s first foreign trip. Without a doubt, the G7 summit in England solved serious problems: the fight against the pandemic, global vaccines or the global economic recovery.

It will not be easy at the NATO summit in Brussels, where Joe Biden is expected to reaffirm America’s commitment to a great military alliance, Atlantic security and collective defense. The next day at the United States / European Union summit on the same busy agenda, according to a group of presidents, the leaders will address, among other things, the strengthening of democracy and digital cooperation.

But let’s get back to earth: as the exchanges seem serious, it’s time to hear a relief at the G7 after four tumultuous years with Donald Trump ట and understand that everyone is the same length these days. ‘Wave.

On Wednesday, the “fun” begins

No more clashes between heads of state and government officials than the handshake between Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden on Friday after the official photo of the leaders. It is even more surprising that two people have never seen each other in person before.

President Biden, as we have been told in the White House, only wants a “more stable and capable reversible” diplomatic relationship with Russia. It would have been easier to achieve if Biden had not denounced Vladimir Putin as a “killer” earlier this year.

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Joe Biden should avoid two big mistakes. First, it was easy when Donald Trump promised the Kremlin chief not to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, overturning his intelligence services resolutions.

Reset failed

To this day, Trump has been outraged that his flirting with the Russian president in the presidency is suspicious. The Helsinki meeting in June 2018 did not help his cause.

The American president should not attempt a “reset” like the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in March 2009. Staging – a button to press – amused the Russians, especially the word in the Cyrillic alphabet above due to a spelling error, but ultimately had little effect.

From cyber-attacks and the destabilization of Russian operations in Ukraine to human rights abuses and interference in Western democracies – and because Vladimir Putin is not sensitive to pressure and international sanctions, Washington’s list of complaints against Moscow is long. Live. Prepare for Sparks!

68 years

  • President of Russia (since 2012; also 1999-2008)
  • Prime Minister of Russia (2008-2012)
  • Former KGB Govt

78 years

  • President of the United States
  • Vice President (2009-2017)
  • Senator (1973-2009)

President Biden’s first foreign trip

June 10

  • Meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

June 11, 12 and 13 (Corbis Bay)

  • Did you miss the G7?

June 13 (Windsor Castle)

  • Meeting with Queen Elizabeth II

June 14 – (Brussels)

  • NATO summit.
  • Meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

June 15 (Brussels)

  • EU-US summit

June 16 – (Geneva)

  • Meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin

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