July 5, 2022

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France: Discovery of an important Gallic site

France: Discovery of an important Gallic site

The National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (INRAP) on Tuesday announced that excavations in the Artene, 110 kilometers southwest of Paris, have uncovered a vast Gallic rural complex and two rare statues.

Excavations carried out prior to the development of the operational zone are expected to be completed by the end of July, revealing that there are two important agricultural sites in Beaus.

Surrounded by monumental trenches three meters deep and eight meters wide, the main property belongs to the affluent Gaul.

“The employer wants to show his social status and his strengths,” explained site manager Jean-Philippe Gay.

“He’s rich, he shows it with deep pits. The architecture is impressively designed. When you get to the campus entrance, the whole system is obstructed. [le visiteur, NDLR] Seeing things in a certain way and presenting the property, ”said the expert in protohistory, who, along with his team, reconstructed the layout of the buildings.

Among the furniture found, archaeologists have made two “major” discoveries, according to Inrap. The first is a part of a Celtic-style statue. In the limestone block, a toy is carved, with hands placed on the abdomen. Behind him, two deer clash.

The second terracotta element, in the Celtic style, represents the character of a beard with puffy eyes.

Although in the Celtic style, these two very rare objects belong to the Gallic tradition, according to Inrap scientists.

Development work is set to begin in September.

From Friday to Sunday, during the European Archaeological Day, people can visit the Arteine ​​site as well as fifteen other excavation sites in France.

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