May 21, 2022

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Franకోois Legalt prefers to have 12,000 fans at the Bell Center

Franకోois Legalt prefers to have 12,000 fans at the Bell Center

There is a lot of talk about how many seats are available at the Bell Center. After all, the difference between Vegas (100% capacity) and Montreal (3,500 fans) is striking. She gives the Knights an advantage.

We know the increase from 2,500 to 3,500 should be even more significant. According to Luke Laoi, The Canadian is on the verge of correcting his 2,500 fans, but a column in the La Press slows down the government’s courage, which does not want to create a two – tier system for the NHL and others.

So the idea of ​​having more fans grew, but the number stopped at 3,500. Why?

As Franకోois Legalt explained to La Poche Blue, The Bell Center is divided into 14 sections of 250 fans. Why 14? Because there are 14 doors.

But if it was on him, he would love to see more fans on the stands.

Here is how he said it.

(2) It’s not as much as we like. I like to have 10-12,000. – Franకోois Legalt

What does that mean?

What he wants is not what he wants as prime minister. Maybe that means he wants to be a hockey fan.

The hockey fan inside of us wants a full arena for us, that’s for sure.

But that may not be in line with the efforts made over the past few months and since he does not like to see another wave than what sports fans have undertaken, he has not moved on.

Although Reynold Laoi’s situation may seem pathetic, it will not change.

The situation would have been different if the playoffs had taken place a few weeks later, however, the situation would have been much better. This is a good sign for the Allies, that is.

So we came close for a lot of reasons to see over 3,500 fans at the Bell Center‌. I do not know how far, but closer than you think.

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In large quantities

– True.

– Mania is everywhere.

– Suffering defeat.

– Yes, helmet ads are right here.

– Frankly