March 21, 2023

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Beaconcore Smelter: Appointed by the Court of Appeal in favor of students

Beaconcore Smelter: Appointed by the Court of Appeal in favor of students

Quebec Court of Appeal upholds Human Rights Commission ruling: Beaconcore smelter discriminates against students paying less than the average staff

“They will be paid less for the sole reason they are studying, thereby depriving them of the fundamental right guaranteed by the Quebec Charter to receive equal treatment for the same work even if the difference in treatment is unfounded. Experience, seniority, length of service, merit evaluation, product quantity or any other valid reason ”, We read in the judgment.

ABI argues that the youth have done only a handful of job-related tasks, which justifies the pay gap. However, for United Steel workers, statistics show that they do more work than some ordinary employees, with good pay.

“He does the same thing, that’s normal,” said Alexander Frochette, a union spokesman. “If a woman does the same thing as you, it’s normal.”

The verdict would cost the aluminum smelter బహుశా: probably between $ 2 million and 3 3 million. Approximately 230 affected students receive between $ 15,000 and 000 35,000 each. A verdict according to Professor Jean-Claude Bernatchez, an expert in labor relations. “From the moment the Court of Appeal stepped in, it affected all businesses in Quebec.”

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