May 28, 2022

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Boulette felt that a pay rise was not necessary

Boulette felt that a pay rise was not necessary

Unlike Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt, who believes wage increases are inevitable, Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity Minister Jean Boulette does not believe such growth will promote the attractiveness of certain jobs.

Last week, Mr Legalt suggested that labor shortages meant that employees now had a big end of the stick. “As a result, wages are rising rapidly,” he said.

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Speaking during a webinar hosted by non-Concile du patron du Quebec (CPQ), Minister Boulette said there was no need to raise salaries to attract candidates, especially in the restaurant sector.

“For restaurants, we have to invest in improving working conditions. I’m not saying we should raise salaries,” he said.

But according to him, employers can take a number of steps to make young workers more attractive.

“I went to companies from different fields, there were some small gyms, restaurants with windows, comfortable bells […]. And there are a lot of young people, it’s not a lot of salary for me, it’s quality of life at work, cooperation, teamwork, ”he said.

According to the CPQ, wage increases will have an impact on inflation. “For companies with low profits, all of this translates into increased costs and consumers have to pay more,” said CPQ President Carl Blackburn.

According to Minister Boulette, improving skills, training and immigration will help Quebec fill the 1.4 million vacancies by 2018. “20-22% of our labor force needs have to be met through immigration,” he said.