March 21, 2023

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The hitherto unknown giant rhinoceros had a population of 26.5 million years ago in China

The hitherto unknown giant rhinoceros had a population of 26.5 million years ago in China

Appointed Paraceratherium lynxiancis, A 21-ton animal that inhabited this territory 26.5 million years ago.

Its weight is equal to the weight of four large African elephants.

According to Deng Tao of the Beijing Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, it is one of the largest mammals to have landed on Earth’s surface.

The beast is also taller than the giraffe because its head reaches a height of 7 meters and grazes tretopes.

Fossil remains were discovered in 2015. Their in-depth analysis confirmed that this is a very different rhinoceros from other dinosaurs unearthed in the area to this day.

These are in the fossils Fully preserved skull and jaw bone, Den Tao explains in a statement released by the Institute. According to the scientist, the beast has a thin skull, as well as a prehensile nose trunk similar to the modern tapir.

This species has the characteristics of a giant rhinoceros that once lived in Pakistan, indicating that it has crossed Central Asia.

During the Oligocene, the giant rhinoceros was able to move freely from the Mongolian plateau to South Asia, along the east coast of the Tethys Ocean and possibly through Tibet. The topography of the giant rhinoceros crossing the Tibetan region to reach the Indo-Pakistani subcontinent in Oligocene also provides other sources., The authors describe the animal in detail in an article published in the journal Explain in a press release Communications Biology (New window) (In English).

With the exception of a few fossils found in Eastern Europe, Anatolia (Turkey) and the Caucasus, large rhinos, including those from China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Pakistan, lived mainly in Asia. Large rhinoceros species recorded from northwestern to southwestern China, from the Middle Eocene to the Late Oligocene, Note Paleontologists.

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