June 26, 2022

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Confidence shock on mediation – TVA Sports

Confidence shock on mediation - TVA Sports

The performances of Chris Lee and Dan O’Rourke have flowed a lot of ink over the last few days and many fans are wondering about the popular standards in the playoffs.

In a podcast interview Dosage, Correspondent Renaud LaVoe describes an interesting discussion he had with the General Manager of the National League.

“Before the playoffs, we were told: ‘Don’t expect us to raise our hands when there are penalties, it’s our job to manage the game.’

A very disturbing statement to Renడ్d Lavoie: “So we ask the authorities to go there 100% of the time with their verdict. This means you can no longer work! You manage, but what do you manage ?! ”

Now, what about the Canadians camp? Can Mark Bergewin share his grief with the league?

“Each series has an official representative. Every day they negotiate with the general managers. You do not have to fax the league or go on an outing. You call and discuss what you want to improve. ”

Since the series began with the Golden Knights, the Canadians have had six power-play advantages against Vegas Eleven.

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