May 24, 2022

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Experts argue that the exchange of vaccines is “safe”

Experts argue that the exchange of vaccines is "safe"

(Toronto) Experts and politicians on Monday defended the “conversion” of Modena and Pfizer mRNA second-dose vaccines because late deliveries could lead to changes in the immunization schedule for many Canadians.

The federal government has announced that deliveries of 2.4 million doses of Pfizer-BioTech vaccine per week will be delayed by a few days – they will arrive in the middle of the week. The delay prompted some provinces to give a second dose of Moderna than Pfizer – and urged citizens not to give up the booster because of this abrupt “hybrid” vaccine.

The Prime Minister of Quebec, Franకోois Legalt, said that in the opinion of experts, there would also be “minor additional protection” associated with the mutual exchange of vaccines. “On the other hand, there is a very small increase in the risk of side effects” (side effects), when he received his second dose of Pfizer vaccine at a press conference in Montreal on Monday morning at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

“In the next two weeks, we will receive less from Pfizer,” he said. We will be able to fulfill all the commitments we have made for the vaccine. On the other hand, for two weeks, until we verify, we no longer take. Mr Legalt praised the reciprocal ability of those who received the first dose of estrogen, and who passed without a problem, to Modrana in the second dose.

In Ontario, it was recently reported that citizens may receive a different mRNA vaccine for their second dose, as most Ontarians can go ahead with their second appointment by Monday morning. The provincial chief medical officer of health asked the Pontiffs who received Pfizer in the first dose not to hesitate to serve Modrana in the second dose. “We want you to have full protection as soon as possible,” said Dr. David Williams, a more contagious delta variant that continues to expand in the province. “Vaccines can be combined without risk,” he said.

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Dr. Jeff Kwang, an epidemiologist at the University of Toronto, said people feared they would delay their second dose because they were given a modern dose, which would slow down the vaccination. According to him, analyzes of data compiled by independent research firm ICES show that two doses of Moderna are “as good” as two doses of Pfizer in preventing infections: therefore, “the first dose of Pfizer and the second dose of Moderna are two doses worse than Pfizer.

The Alberta government has informed citizens that appointments for the vaccine will have to vary depending on the supply, and stressed that they also feel that two MRNA injections are interchangeable. “Currently Moderna is available. If you book for Moderna, you will be able to get an appointment in advance and complete your vaccination program,” the regional health agency said Monday.

In Manitoba, officials encouraged adults to get vaccinated with Modena and warned that Pfizer appointments, determined by the government after July 7, would have to be canceled due to the slowdown in product supply.