May 23, 2022

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Light train: Gosselin “troubled” by his project, according to Mayor LaBeouf

Light train: Gosselin "troubled" by his project, according to Mayor LaBeouf

Jean-Franకోois Gosselin was “embarrassed” by his mild metro proposal, attacking Regis Labum on Monday evening during a city council meeting.

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At this first meeting since Quebec 21 submitted its project, the Leader of the Opposition used his 21-minute speaking time in his keynote evening speech to talk about the economic recovery and the financial difficulties facing many businesses. Due to the epidemic.

However, he did not say a single word about his party’s major commitment to the upcoming election, the 13.5 – kilometer underground light rail project, which the Quebec mayor took pleasure in pointing out.

“After June 9, when the opposition unveiled the project of the small metro century in the upper town and this evening, I want us to realize that this is the first suggestion, this is the first suggestion, this is not even the courage to talk about it! Do not believe in his project!”

Quebec 21 leader Mr LaBeoum replied that it was a topic because it was not the subject of his speech and recalled being invited to discuss their respective transport projects publicly, the mayor declined.

“I mean get in trouble,” the mayor replied. “Honestly, what we are going through tonight is extraordinary. The project of the century, the small upper town metro has been told to us for many years, but he has no heart to talk about it tonight, that’s fine! ”

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The mayor added a layer later, “[qu’]They [l’opposition, NDLR] He is already buried ”and“ It is confusing, I would say confusing too. This reduces defeat. “

The exchange was jumped by Patrick Pocket, a Newchotel-Leborgneuff municipal councilor and Quebec 21 member. The city council president alleged that he escaped from the coronation in the council room, but this was not heard by the public.

“The mayor does not believe in his project, but most of all, he is afraid of us. He saw positive reactions. I also tell him that we have received over 400 emails from citizens. On our Facebook page, our video has been viewed more than 7,500 times, which is a huge success”, later At the meeting Jean-Franకోois defended Gosselin.In the evening, a citizen’s question by answering.

Keep in mind that Quebec 21 provides the underground light metro and trombus network for nearly 3 billion. Based on the calculations of its project office for Trump, the Labyrinth administration stated that the actual cost of the project would be at least twice as high.