May 22, 2022

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Linsa 21: Recalled a group of contraceptive pills

Linsa 21: Recalled a group of contraceptive pills

Pharmaceutical Company Aspen Pharmacare Canada Inc. Most prescription birth control pills today are reminiscent of Linessa 21.

The recall is for 200 049 with an expiration date of March 2023.

Tablets may be missing from some blister packs, the blister pack may contain more than one tablet and the tablets may be in the wrong order, Health Canada said in a statement on Sunday.

Linsa 21: Recalled a group of contraceptive pills

Photo Courtesy / Health Canada

If any tablets are missing or not packed properly, problematic packages should be returned to the treating pharmacy for re-packaging packaging.

Linessa 21 packs contain 21 tablets, seven of which are pale yellow, seven orange and seven red. Each color contains different amounts of hormones.

These tablets should be taken daily for three weeks, followed by a week off (unless otherwise prescribed by the prescriber).

To prevent pregnancy, it is important to take the pills in the correct order and according to the instructions that come with the product, the ministry said.

“If you have any questions or concerns about your product or alternatives, talk to a healthcare professional and use an effective backup method (such as condoms),” the company wrote in its recall notice.

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