May 18, 2022

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Regional Elections 2021 – 1st Round – Le Journal du Weekend

Elections Régionales 2021 - 1er tour

A special program proposed by the Department of Information presented by Anne-Claire Cowdrey and Gilles Bouleau with TF1 / LCI’s Head of Political Service and directed by Frank Chowdhury. , Anne-Claire Cowdrey, Gilles Bouleu and Head of Political Service Adrian Zindre are expected to take part in this first round of regional elections from 7.40pm .The first round of regional elections will mark the brand ‘IFOP- a new partnership with the trusted research and opinion poll organization that is currently in our community And assists TF1 editorial staff in working to provide viewers with all the keys to understanding future challenges. 8:00 pm, in the presence of Anne-Claire Coodray and Gilles Bouleau to unveil the first assessment of the results, as well as the power balance of political parties and movements. Outcome estimates Nationally and subsequently in many regions, especially Ile-de-France, Hots-de-France, Provence-Alpes-C డిte d’Azur, Auvergne-Ron-Alps, Novel-Aquitaine These results and as close as possible to French estimates, for each region Aiming to be fast and complete, various challenges can be attributed to the innovative system. Anne-Claire Cowdrey and Gilles Bouleau welcome their guests. Major organizers of French political life, on stage and in duplexes, to discuss, analyze and understand the role of this first round of the ballot. Special envoys directly intervene from the editorial staff in thirteen regions of metropolitan France, and anytime on that election night.

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