December 8, 2022

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Gaddafi gold: Sarkozy is still in trouble

Gaddafi gold: Sarkozy is still in trouble

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy The judge announced he would appeal a three-year prison sentence for bribery and influence peddling. And then the case he thought was solved came into his face.

In an interview, he was relieved to find out Paris match, Franco-Lebanese businessman Ziad Takiedin has refuted his own claims that Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi funded his 2007 presidential election campaign. He claimed to have attended a meeting between a close aide of Sarkozy and the head of the Libyan secret service, who then handed over five million euros to Sarkozy’s chief of staff.

But the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office of Paris (PNF) did not release the file, which could have deterred serious financial crime. A wonderful turn of events. When questioned by investigators sent to Beirut, the lawyer said his words were distorted. Paris match. The magazine belongs to the Lagardere group, where Nicolas Sarkozy sits on the board of supervisors. Arnaud Lagardere is a friend of Sarkozy and Macron.

Queen of paparazzi and the conspiratorial prince

The case is now under investigation. PNF, Bestimage paparazzi, Mimi Marchand, is suspected of being involved in the Takidin interview with Sarkozy. The “People” press in France is the subject of an investigation for “witness bribery” and “criminal association with the intent to commit organized gang fraud.” Provided by Paris match The specificity of tachycardia withdrawal is now kept in custody. She did not respect the ban on contacting other witnesses. Not very smart. Police are listening to his phone calls.

Takiddeen fled to Lebanon after being convicted in the Balladur case, this time another political-economic scheme involving Pakistan. After seizing his bank accounts, he received thousands of euros in exchange for refusing his word.

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Sarkozy, Lillian Bettencourt and Paul Desmeris

Nicolas Sarkozy was acquitted in the Lillian Bettencourt case in 2013, named after the then 93-year-old L’Oreal heir and suffered from Alzheimer’s. “He was charged with” abuse of weakness “for attempting to financially exploit a person’s ignorance or mental incapacity to induce him to make invisible commitments. Significance. The court ruled that the evidence against him was very weak.

When police raided his home in connection with the affair, he was abroad after the election defeat … with Desmeriz, in their Sagard domain, in Charlevoix, he thought, he said, “Family as a member. During a visit to Quebec in 2008, Sarkozy said: “If I were president now, I would be indebted to Paul Desmeriz for his advice, friendship and loyalty. ”