July 5, 2022

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Pyrenees Gaming: Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade, Hungry While Waiting For The Rest

Pyrenees Gaming: Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade, Hungry While Waiting For The Rest

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A year after its release on the PlayStation 4, the remake of the legendary Final Fantasy 7 features a PlayStation 5 version called Intergrade. The next includes the first episode and INTERmission DLC. A real appetite while waiting for the second part of the remake scheduled for the next few years.

Coming from the vast world of Final Fantasy 7 this new chapter allows you to play Yufi Kizaragi, a ninja who can do many victories, especially while flying (and not in the air). Sent from the Wutai clan in the city of Midgar, she aims to steal valuables from a company called Shinra, a macho – a fossil fuel – despite the consequences on the planet.

Great graphics and gameplay

The scene has been familiar to fans of the saga for over twenty years, but it is as chilly as the first day. Cloud, Barrett, Tifa and Eris are evident in the game, the big bad Sephiroth of the game. This remake, however, allows us to go further by introducing new situations that we don’t say much about without spoiling the adventures.

After the first opus that laid the foundations for the illustration, this intermission enhances the whole episode and gives body to the universe created by Square Enix. Above all, it will have the effect of giving more desire to touch on Episode 2, which is planned for the next few years.

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In addition to this new scenario, the port allows the PlayStation 5 to run the game beautifully. No more horrible JPG files in the background, we now deserve really refined graphics that can be credited to the Sony machine. Purists can also choose between two display modes. The first is the so-called resolution 4K display with a frame rate of 30 fps and the second is called fluidity, but it allows to reach 60 fps with a lower resolution.

The character of Yufi Kisaragi is introduced in this DLC. © Credit Photo: Square Enix

We recommend using this second setting instead, as it will brighten up the fights even more. We go here on one of the great strengths of the title, they are this ultra-dynamic and enjoyable game system that allows both modern approach, but it does not negate the basics of the original episode.

The long-awaited game

With a very high level of graphics and a dynamically thought-out gameplay, this Final Fantasy 7 remake Intergrade is actually the episode that players have been waiting for for 23 years and the original episode release. The real masterpiece, already in the PlayStation 4, but it takes advantage of this PlayStation 5 version to reach video game heights.

Final Fantasy 7 remake Intergrade, 79.99 euros, PlayStation 5. The expansion is available on its own if you already have the game.