May 24, 2022

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Pyrenees Gaming: Video Game Workshop when the player becomes a programmer

Pyrenees Gaming: Video Game Workshop when the player becomes a programmer

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After Dreams on PlayStation 4 last year, Nintendo’s turn was to give players the opportunity to create their own video game. The Japanese publisher is now a video game workshop on switch, an unusual proposition, where the player puts himself in the developer’s shoes.

Create your own game

The title allows you to create your own video game. Small feat possible through a clear and well thought out interface. Of course, do not recreate without Zelda Breath of Wild or Ratchet & Clank Rift, it is not possible, but the video game workshop will allow you to express your creativity.

Before starting programming, it is advisable to go through the excellent tutorial provided by the game. The perfect way to learn the (most) nuances of the title. Nodons for the first time we are there, these letters meet in the form of blocks, which makes it possible to define different actions.

Therefore we advise you to go as far as possible in this tutorial ముందు before launching yourself into the game as there are a lot of nuances and opportunities. However, by pressing a single key, you can always check the compilation of your game and therefore test it in real time. An easy way to correct a mistake and learn from mistakes.

The chances are slim. © Photo credit: Nintendo

Rather than being tough on regular times, the programming here becomes easy and fun and therefore allows you to start creating your own game. Most logically, the games you create need time, need a lot of time. We realized this when we went online to test the creativity of the players. There are some reproductions of the video game classic, but there are also real little gems, especially in the arcades.

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However, we are far from permissible on PC or in Dreams. However, this video game workshop is for the most part, especially for those who want to try the genre for the first time. Good news for players who are hesitant to pierce, a complete free demo is available on the Nintendo Eshop‌.

The video game workshop was dematerialized only at 29.99 euros, Switch, eShop.