July 4, 2022

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Reactive vaccine for cutting grass under the feet of variants

La vaccination « réactive » est préconisé par la HAS pour limiter la propagation des variants. © leszekglasner, Adobe Stock

The Kovid-19 pandemic has suffered a severe slowdown in recent weeks, but the Delta variant is giving it a second wind. Hot Autorite de Sante recommends a new vaccination strategy when a variant of the variant is found.

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L ‘Infection From Kovid-19 In France it is deteriorating, but the situation is fragile. The number of vaccinations has declined for the first time since the decontamination and arrival of summer. Centers of Vaccine Appear with dosage in their hands throughout France. Gold, Delta variant Is under sudden attack and is already forming groups as in Landes The incidence rate of the virus is twice as high Above the national average.

To cut the rug from under him, The High Authority for Health (HAS) recommends a new vaccination strategy : “Reactive” vaccine. It was placed in Bordeaux a few weeks ago, when an ephemeral vaccinodrome emerged from the ground to vaccinate the entire district of the city.Emergence d ‘Parent of the alpha variant.

A strategy to limit the spread of variants

The “reactive” vaccine is compatible with the ring vaccine, which involves direct contact of the infected person with the vaccine, followed by direct contact. According to HAS, this strategy is not fast enough. The average incubation time for Kovid-19 is approximately one week and works 12 days after the first dose of vaccine is injected.

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For its part, the entire entourage of an infected person will be vaccinated, regardless of whether there is direct contact with the “reactive” vaccine. That is, not only family members but also colleagues or classmates should be vaccinated to combat the spread of a variant. This strategy is always applied in addition to the effective “test, warning, protect” trio.

With what vaccines?

However, the “reactive” vaccine requires significant transport resources, as seen in Bordeaux. All players in the vaccine chain must be assembled, as well as the family, professional or school circle of the person infected with the variant of SARS-CoV-2. HAS emphasizes the concept of speed, which is essential for the success of the system. Communication and educational effort are also needed to inform the public about this strategy and its interest.

Can all vaccines be used for the “reactive” vaccine? This can be done depending on the identified variant, but not vaccines MRNA Looks more effective than Voxzevria. The principle ofAstrogenica Not recommended for variant Beta For example. Therefore mRNA vaccines are suitable. If adolescents over 12 years of age are concerned, they may receive the Komirnati vaccine Pfizer, Only those of this age have the power By the European Medicines Agency.

This strategy is responsive Emergence of the delta variant This worries epidemiologists and may be the fourth source Vague If infected Vaccine coverage No progress anymore.

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