May 20, 2022

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Non-GamStop Casinos – Trying Something New

The online gambling space has never been bigger. People have such easy access to the internet these days that there are huge levels of people playing online casino games every day. In the UK, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is the chief regulator of the gambling sector.


It has been cracking down heavily on errant operators in recent years, as well as introducing a lot of restrictions in an attempt tominimize irresponsible gambling. This is why non-GamStop casinos are starting to take over. This article will look at the role of GamStop in this, as well as the prevalence of non-UK casinos.

How does GamStop Work?

The UKGC has the task of issuing licenses to gambling operators, as well as making sure that they are regular meeting all of the relevant rules and regulations. The UKGC focuses on ensuring that gamblers are not being exploited and that at-risk people are not gambling.


This has meant the gradual rollout of more and more extensive restrictions in the past few years. Everything from spin timers to a ban on credit cards have been used to meet these aims. The intentions are good with these controls, but some players feel like they are being overly restricted.


GamStop is a non-profit group that helps the UKGC achieve its goal of having a safe gambling space in the UK. This group offers a self-exclusion scheme that is free to use and allows a person to exclude themselves from each and every gambling site that is licensed by the UKGC. This can be done for six months or up to three years. Once you have committed to self-exclusion, there is then no going back.

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What About Regulation For Non-GamStop Sites?

Non-GamStop casino sites are platforms that do not fall under the oversight of the UKGC. This doesn’t mean that other gambling regulators do not make sure that these operators are compliant. Many other respected bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority do just that, making sure that gamblers are being taken care of in a safe way without having too many restrictions in place.


Other security protocols will also be used by non-UK casinos to put players at ease. This includes top-tier encryption, as well as segregating player funds. Once you choose a legit offering, non-GamStop casinos are quite safe to use.

Are Casinos not on GamStop legal to play at?

Despite what some people might think, those in the UK will have no legal issues with playing at casinos not on GamStop. You have the freedom to choose to use one of these platforms if you wish to do so. There are not going to be any legal repercussions for doing so. If the operator is not acting in an above-board way, then it can face legal action, but this will not trickle down to the player base.

What to Expect at Non-UK Casinos

A lot of the issues that UK gamblers have with UKGC-licensed sites are resolved through the use of non-GamStop casinos. You will have an overall greater level of freedom with these platforms. You can get access to bigger bet sizes a lot of the time, as well as fewer restrictions on transactions. This includes being able to add funds to your non-UK casino account through a credit card.

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There will often be fewer verification checks that you have to go through and the bonus offers are many times bigger and better than UKGC-licensed sites. The game libraries at non-UK casino sites tend to be huge. This is because you don’t just get access to the same old types of game studios.


While many of these big-name developers still contribute titles to the non-UK sites, you also get access to a lot of innovative and exciting studios. This means that you will always be seeing some new types of features when you are on these platforms. There will not be as many restrictions on the different types of features that a game can offer, such as slower spin speeds and certain bonus features.

GamStop Sites vs Casinos Not on GamStop

There are some obvious and some subtle differences between GamStop and non GamStop casinos. Each of these types of casino sites has its own pros and cons associated with them. Here is a brief overview of what you can expect when choosing one or the other:

GamStop Casinos



  • Regulated by a respected authority in the UK
  • Tons of help for problem gamblers
  • GBP always an option
  • Reliable way to play online casino games
  • Ability to play games from big-name developers




  • Bans on certain game features
  • No credit card transactions
  • Strict betting limits

Non-GamStop Casinos



  • Much more varied game libraries
  • Bigger bet sizes
  • Fewer restrictions on payment options
  • More lucrative bonus offers
  • Usually hold a non-UKGC license
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  • Not as good of a conflict resolution process
  • GBP not always an option

Nothing Holding You Back

With so many different restrictions that people now have to consider with UKGC-licensed sites, a lot more people are turning their attention over to non-GamStop platforms. This is something that is likely only going to continue to keep happening as time goes on.


The obvious benefits of using an online casino that is outside of the remit of the UKGC are obvious. You will have an overall greater range of options, from bet sizes to transaction options, and game libraries.


These sites are safe to use when you choose the right operator and often have massive bonus offers available when you start off your new account. This means that after spending a minute or so signing up for an account, you can be playing with a hefty amount of bonus funds. Therefore, it certainly makes sense to give these types of platforms a go if you have never done so.