June 7, 2023

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Dacharm aims for a big celebration

Dacharm aims for a big celebration

MONTREAL | Dominic Ducharm is unlikely to jump into the hands of his assistant coaches after a goal by Arthuri Lehkonen in Saint-Jean-Baptiste evening overtime. He could not jump on the ice to hug his players and take part in a traditional handshake with the players and coaches of the Golden Knights.

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“I’m very happy after the overtime goal,” Ducharm said during the final at the Tampa Bay Lightning. I was happy at first for our players. We have been struggling for a long time to reach this stage. Of course, I like to be there and celebrate with the guys. But the celebration we want is the biggest at the end. ”

To go to that final ceremony, CH needs four wins against Lightning, a team that lifted the Stanley Cup last year and is virtually without weaknesses.

Ducharm, who tested positive for COVID-19 after the second semi-final in Vegas, watched the last four games against the Golden Knights live from his room in Saint-Hubert, on the south coast of Montreal.

“I followed the games with my girlfriend,” Ducharm said. I was very calm. I sit in front of my television and analyze how we play. I have time to think about what we are doing well and what could be improved. After periods, I got a call from the coaches. We can talk to each other for a minute or two, just like we usually do in a coach’s office. “

“But clearly the most difficult part is not being able to be close to the players and negotiating with them personally,” he says. There are players who text or phone me between games to find out how I am. When I saw the game on TV, it was a different reality. I am doing a live video. I can see the covers. I do my best to help the team in the situations I am in. ”

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14-day quarantine

Ten days or 14 days? There is ambiguity over the quarantine that Ducharm should be respected. According to the regional jurisdiction, we are talking about ten days of loneliness. According to the federal jurisdiction, we are talking about 14 days of loneliness. As Hubs crossed the border on his way to Nevada, he found that, as the federal government needed, Ducham needed to honor the two-week detention.

So Ducharm can leave the walls of his house from 1Is July. So he returns to action for the third game of the final at Lightning, the first in the series at the Bell Center.

“I can not wait to come back,” Ducharm replied. I can appreciate it even more, especially if we can win. However, I did not make Xs on the calendar. I don’t really look at the calendar to see how many days are left to wait. When you look at your clock too often, you have the feeling that time does not pass quickly. ”

Team work

For relief at Ducharm, Luke Richardson signed three wins in four games. CH has not lost its identity despite the absence of its conductor. Under the circumstances, this is a credit. It also shows that Ducharm has built a strong foundation for his team in recent months.

“We’ve always worked together, and that’s what we keep doing,” Ducharm said. Luke is a team man. This is the team mate you want by your side to face any challenge. Everyone plays their part, we work together. We prepare the team in the same way before the series. But I do it through video with players and coaches. For the rest, Luke, Alex (Burrows) and Burke (Sean Burke) played different roles in some games. We are moving forward with this. Our success is team effort. ”

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