May 22, 2022

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Non-compliance with health regulations: British Health Minister resigns

Non-compliance with health regulations: British Health Minister resigns

Downing Street has announced that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will replace him with former finance minister Sajid Javed, 51. He will return to government after knocking on the door in early 2020 with dissatisfaction with the conditions imposed on the use of his portfolio.

The son of a former banker and former Pakistani bus driver is the first member of an ethnic minority who previously served as head of the interior ministry in Theresa May’s previous Conservative government.

The change came at a critical time for the United Kingdom, which has killed more than 128,000 people and is facing a contagious outbreak caused by the coronavirus that causes the highly contagious delta variant.

The country is opposed to vaccinating as many people as possible with the aim of lifting the last sanctions still in force in July.

We owe it to ourselves to be honest with the people who sacrificed so much during this epidemic, when we frustrated them as I did by violating the instructions, Mr. Hancock, 42, in his resignation letter to Boris Johnson, reiterated his apologies.

Boris Johnson, who initially supported his three-year office health minister, said he was Sorry His resignation. Not only in resolving the epidemic, but even before COVID-19 hits us you should leave the office very proud of what you have achieved., He replied.

Tabloid The sun One, Friday, is a picture taken from a surveillance camera by Matt Hancock, a married and father of three, Gina Colladangelo, a longtime friend, whose prudent appointment was already controversial, at his office on May 6, when weeds were banned.

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The man who regularly called to honor the British who found him violating the rules apologized and the head of government reiterated his confidence in him, ruling the matter Close.

But The sun Surveillance camera posted video footage on its website and nailed it on Saturday.

When confronted with this case, which was aired by all the media, the calls for resignation in the opposition increased as it did in the traditional camp in power. Eventually they improved the minister who was guilty of hypocrisy.

Matt Hancock is right to resign. But Boris Johnson should have fired him, Labor leader Keer Stormer, the main opposition party, responded on Twitter.

Embarrassed more than once

The Labor Party also questioned the interesting conflict over the appointment of Gina Koladanjelo to the ministry, known from a lobbyist college named Matt Hancock, who is currently leading the exchange of stores chain of information founded by her husband.

The appointment was not announced before the press revealed.

Prior to the case, other embarrassing allegations had already targeted Matt Hong Kong, who gained prominence in Britain during the epidemic, holding regular daily government press conferences at the height of the First Wave.

At a parliamentary hearing in May, former Prime Minister Dominic Cummings made the allegations against him Minds Repeatedly and he judged to be Fired. In mid-June, Boris Johnson called Mr. Hancock in support of a screenshot Desperate case Regarding pandemic management.

He was critical of the lack of protective equipment for caregivers at the beginning of the crisis or, later, the ambiguity surrounding the awarding of certain public contracts.

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A graduate of the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge Universities, the 40-year-old was first elected to the Conservative Party in 2010.

The great cricketer, a former economist at the Bank of England, first entered government in 2012, where he held various portfolios.