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Lyme disease: Ticks are active quickly and then

Lyme disease: Ticks are active quickly and then

Tick ​​season used to be from May to October, explained Dr. Genevieve Baron, medical consultant at Direction de Santa Public Nest. It now runs from March to November. Vectors of tick disease.

Ticks wake up during the thaw period. Tick ​​season is high. It starts early and ends later. Climate change is affecting our winters and some animal migrations have introduced the tick to southern Quebec. Now the tick has survived the winter. It is more persistent in the multiplication environment, Dr. Baron Notes.

Veterinarian Isabelle Dion also detected the early presence of ticks earlier in the year. Tick ​​season, she argues, runs from thaw to ice.

Over the years, we find more and more explosions in animals. From March, we see them and if the weather is good they stay until Christmas., Reports the veterinarian.

A contagious disease in estrus

Dr. Isabelle Dion points out that Monterogy and Estri are particularly high risk areas for Lyme disease.

Every day people come with their pets for tick treatment or prevention., She explains.

The tick cannot be detected if we do not prevent it. Animal hair limits us in detecting ticks, Explains Isabelle Dion.

She said it was the duty of veterinarians to talk about prevention.

Dogs are very susceptible to Lyme disease. Lyme disease is rare or undiagnosed in children. The cat may have a tick, but should not be sick. Dogs are just as sick as humans.

A quote from:Isabelle Dion, veterinarian

Medications are also recommended once a month to dissolve or clot.

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We recommend going out too far and vaccinating dogs in a dangerous area. After each walk in the forest, you should remove the ticks if you see them. There is a technique to gently remove the tick and especially to put on gloves, Refers to Isabelle Dion.

If the dog is infected, he will develop symptoms that require follow-up.

These are flu-like symptoms. The dog is not well. It is up to the vet to confirm this. Urine and medication follow-ups and follow-ups to find out if organs are affected, Refers to Isabelle Dion.

One in ten ticks are carriers and one in ten dogs that develop Lyme disease develop disease symptoms.

A quote from:Isabelle Dion, veterinarian

Veterinarian Isabelle Dione, an animal health technician, injects the Lyme disease vaccine into a dog under the eye of Mary-Peer Room.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Andre Willemin

Cases of human Lyme disease are on the rise

Lyme disease also affects humans and it seems to be on the rise over the years. Dr. Genevieve Baron believes that in 2020, 155 cases of Lyme disease were reported in Estre.

The MRCs of La Hout-Yamasca and La Pommerai are the two most affected areas in Estre.

In particular there is a decrease compared to 2019 compared to COVID-19, and a slight decrease. Inflated heat and drought can also affect explosions. Estre remains [cependant] The region with the highest incidence in Quebec.

A quote from:Dr. Genevieve Baron is a medical consultant in the Department of Public Health in Estre

A preventive antibiotic may be prescribed when a person is infected with a tick.

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The tick was hooked for at least 24 hours. The time between the removal of the tick and the moment of preventive treatment should not exceed three days, Reports the medical consultant to the public health department in Estre.

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