December 9, 2023

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Return to work at Exelder: Employees are divided

Return to work at Exelder: Employees are divided

If there is conflict, because so much publicity Food waste, A divided referendum, an agreement between the union and the organization, passed by a majority on Saturday, which divides workers.

It is mixed, Said Richard Mercier, a packaging employee and union spokesman at the microphone All morning Monday, just moments before the start of his shift, was his first in 36 days.

I have already passed on some of my colleagues and there is still a lot in their hearts, He adds. It was not unanimous at the time of the vote. It is shared. There are a lot of my colleagues who are still not happy this morning.

66% of factory workers voted The special arbitrator assigned to the case was in favor of the settlement hypothesis proposed last week. The agreement provides for a pay rise that is a major sticking point of the negotiations. The company has already stated that the proposal is satisfactory.

Share it. I did what I expected. Many were not satisfied, others … it was mixed.

A quote from:Richard Mercier, slaughterhouse employee and union representative

The weather can be tense for a certain period of time, Ates behind Richard Mercier. This provides a significant separation of employees according to their opinion on the settlement.

He is worried that some will quit their jobs and look for work elsewhere. And the context of labor shortages across the province exacerbates this fear.

Agreement in detail

The agreement approved on Saturday provides a 19.75% increase in the term of the pre-delivered contract from 1 August 2020 to the end of August 2025. Within six years of the contract, the employees were paid per hour. 25.13 is expected to earn.

Union members demanded a 40% wage increase to $ 25 an hour after three years.

The parties hold regular meetings with the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity to re-establish better working relations and resolve various issues related to working conditions.

As Mr. Mercier sometimes says to himself amer He was pleased that in the face of criticism over the strike in public opinion, the attention shown to the conflict made many aware of the severity of the slaughter trade. A work Difficult, According to him, it provokes unworkable working conditions and often the risk of injuries.

People may not realize all the things that go into our work. But as the controversy progressed, I saw public opinion changing. People have learned a lot about what we do hereHe said

He recalled that the pandemic never stopped his activities. When the pandemic hits Quebec and a large part is kept in a container, for us, in our field, it is not an option, Emphasizes Richard Mercier.

We had to be at work every day to have a supply chain to restaurants and grocery stores, He adds. And this, even when COVID-19 Hit the slaughterhouses directly last November And its 130 workers were infected.

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