March 21, 2023

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Aircraft Reimbursement | The federal government proposes stricter rules

Aircraft Reimbursement |  The federal government proposes stricter rules

(Ottawa) The federal government is proposing new regulations that will strengthen the rights of passengers by guaranteeing aircraft reimbursement following cancellations made for reasons beyond aviation control.

The detailed proposal came after more than a year after most Canadian airlines refused to refund flights canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, published in the Canada Gazette.

In recent months the majority of major airlines have agreed to reimburse customers under the terms of the Ottawa Bailouts.

In December, Transport Minister Mark Garnio ordered the Canadian Transportation Agency to tighten regulations for reimbursement for air passengers and to fill a “void” in consumer protection revealed by the pandemic.

The agency said that under the new rules no one will be left behind as airlines are required to repay cash within 20 days by cash, cash, check payments or points for purchases of credit terms.

Airlines are allowed to repay in another form such as air credit, that option is worth more than the ticket value and only if the customer agrees.

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