May 20, 2022

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More audience, but double vaccinated at the Bell Center?

More audience, but double vaccinated at the Bell Center?

Is it possible to seat more spectators at the Bell Center if double vaccination is given? The scene was aired among top public health officials and CH Group said it was ready to check in with supporters. Newspaper.

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On Thursday, Quebec’s Public Health Hobbs declined the request and maintained a limit of 3,500 spectators to attend the Stanley Cup finals in Montreal. Two-dose vaccines are not enough in the Quebec population. We are in a precarious position, “said Horacio Aruda, national director of public health.

However, according to our information, a mid-scenario was aired, according to which we allowed a few hundred spectators to attend the matches, probably 5,000, but with double vaccinations.

According to a source close to the matter, Montreal Public Health is ready to increase consultation with the Montreal Fire Department and the Civil Security Service de Police de la Ville de Montreal (SPVM), but the file has been taken care of by Quebec’s Public Health.

In the email sent Journal, Dr. Mylane Drouin, Director of Public Health for the Montreal area, affirms that many scenarios with regard to public health are “considered and discussed.”

“The decision on the number and circumstances governing the transmission to the Bell Center for the Stanley Cup final, however, is the responsibility of the Directorate General of Public Health in Montreal rather than on public health,” she said.

The CH Group said it was surprised by the decision by health officials as it was working on a way to accommodate supporters who had been double vaccinated.

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“From the beginning, our discussions focused on this. We already have solutions, we’re ready to check with code or a piece of paper. If we want to increase it to 5,000, we will take everything we can,” said Paul Wilson, Senior Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs at Group CH. Said in an interview Journal.

Contacted by Newspaper, Valerie Plante’s cabinet mayor also confirms that she wants to have more spectators at matches, but supports her recommendations. “Myers is open to public health,” said Myers Press Officer Genevieve Jutras.

Moreover, mTo me Plante confirmed on Thursday on his Twitter account that 5,000 seats would be available to watch Canadian games from the Place des Festivals or at the Olympic Park.

Montreal Public Health said it was “fully in agreement with the external events being monitored.”