September 23, 2023

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Seeks candidates who like heavy weather

The toughest end of the year for Project Montreal

C కోట్te d’Ivoire – Sue Montgomery, the mayor of Notre-Dame-de-Greece, received a very good report in a 49-page report by the municipality du Quebec (CMQ). A man who has been saying for months that she has been wronged has committed 11 moral violations.

I read the document. Like rotten weather, we can’t do well. Page after page, we find out how severely the atmosphere improved by Meyers deteriorated.

Do you want an example? At an informal meeting held at her residence on January 10, 2020, the mayor announced that she was “Comptroller General.” [Alain Bond] A pedophile and borough director [Stéphane Plante] It’s based on photos of young children being blackmailed into getting what he wants. ”

Councilors Magda Pope and Christian Arsenal, who attended this evening, said they had heard the comments, which did not fail to provoke serious discomfort.

Photo by Sarah Mongeyu-Birkett, Press Archives

Project Montreal’s municipal councilors Christian Arsenalt and Magda Pope described the “unattainable” climate in February 2020.

Sue Montgomery condemned the use of the term “pedophile”, but agreed that she was referring to it with “humor and sarcasm, that the borough director should have allied Bond photos with him and that he could use them for his own purposes”.

The tribunal ruled that the comments were “ungrateful, unfair and offensive.”[aient] Respect and dignity of the Comptroller General ”.

Rotten weather When I tell you …

This is the fourth column I have written on this incredible saga. I wish it was the last. I want Mayor Sue Montgomery to respectfully accept the resolutions of this opinion which contain 11 violations and reject 17.

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Recall that the case began in December 2019, when the Comptroller General of the City of Montreal reported complaints of psychological harassment from two employees, including Alain Bond and Barrow Director Stefan Plante. These complaints are against Sue Montgomery’s Chief of Staff Annalisa Harris.

Photo by Sarah Mongeyu-Birkett, Press Archives

Annalisa Harris and Sue Montgomery, in February 2020

Comptroller General Alain Bond then demanded that Mr.To me Harris is no longer in contact with the alleged victims. Sue Montgomery also demanded the removal of her Chief of Staff. None done.

Eighteen months later, CMQ found that Sue Montgomery “did not act in a way that promoted the maintenance of a healthy and non-harassing, harmonious work environment.”

The document states that “repeated, unwanted, disgusting, insulting, harassing or threatening remarks against one of the identified individuals”. In particular, Sue Montgomery waved her cell phone and signaled that she wanted to record what some people had said.

Since the affair began, Sue Montgomery has fought to preserve her integrity and the presence of her Chief of Staff, whom she desperately needs. But what did she do to protect her employees?

It was up to the District Meyers to find solutions, build bridges, and put out fires. This determination and this ambiguous attitude led Montreal to expel Valerie Plante’s Myers from the Caucasus, which at first appeared to be a pillar of Project Montreal.

What a sorry trajectory.

Proud to have won in the Superior Court last December, the Comptroller General told his Chief of Staff that “there is no right to demand that there be no communication” […] With some borough officer ”, Sue Montgomery Valerie Plante, suing Alain Bond and the city of Montreal. She is asking $ 120,000. Annalisa Harris is also suing for similar actions, 6 186,000.

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Who pays for all this, you think? You and I, of course. The defense of Sue Montgomery has so far cost 5,000 275,000. According to the Collective Montreal Party, the costs associated with all legal actions are approximately 000 600,000.

Sue Montgomery says she has the honor to protect her. When I met her after she came out of Project Montreal in January 2020, she convinced me of this. When she arrived Tap, I know she’s wrong. An hour later, she convinced me that Mayor Valerie Plante and all those around her were wrong in this affair.

Sue Montgomery has enormous powers of persuasion. After reading CMQ’s opinion, I sincerely believe that Sue Montgomery has a big ego to defend above all else.

For each violation, Mayor Sue Montgomery faces a sentence ranging from reprimand to a 90-day suspension. Note that the suspensions are cumulative. Administrative Judge Alain R. Roy will be hearing from shareholders on July 6 to determine the scope of the sanctions. I can’t wait to see how they look. The mayor who was suspended by CMQ is not very glorious.

The latest example of this is Chandler, the mayor of Louisette Langlois, who was suspended for 180 days in December 2020, and “can be obtained from her city or another institution where she sits without any reward, allowance or any other amount.”

This suspension is the longest sentence ever imposed by CMQ for 20 ethical violations.

Sue Montgomery has recently created the courage to be her own party and is seeking to run for a second term in the most populous C డte d’Azur-Nigres-Notre-Dom-de-Greece borough in Montreal. Annalisa Harris is seeking to be elected councilor in the Loyola District.

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Sue Montgomery is looking for additional candidates. If you enjoy heavy weather, court battles and strained relationships, this post is for you. Notice to interested parties!

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