September 30, 2023

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Unhygienic housing: an unpleasant surprise on the way to Trois-Riviers

Unhygienic housing: an unpleasant surprise on the way to Trois-Riviers

A family heading to Trois-Riviers was surprised to find that the apartment they had signed a lease on was in a state of disrepair.

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Accommodation owner Samantha Desphos showed her husband and their three children an apartment on the ground floor in good condition, which is the equivalent of finally signing a lease.

But when it came time to seize the rent, it was a completely different story, because the yard was littered with excrement, urine and garbage.

The surprising height for the couple was that the tenant of the accommodation was still there.

Samantha Desphos said the elderly woman was apparently chaotic and forcibly storing items.

The next wife tried to clean the premises, before withdrawing eight hours later.

The apartment owner, Jean Merliti, turned down TVA Novelles’ interview requests, saying he was too busy and did not understand what was going on.

Neighbors who like to be anonymous met on the spot, not surprised about the turn of events.

“It’s the same”, left a woman who said she had lived in the building for a while, “the feces and urine was disgusting along the walls”.

The Desphos family is supported by an organization called Infologis, which helps families with housing difficulties. She can spend a month in the hotel, time to find another apartment.

She will also have a room to keep her belongings, as the family will have to vacate the rent for her departure.

A report has been prepared to the social services for the tenant assistance of the unhygienic accommodation. On Friday morning, the Marisi SPA was also on the scene to see the condition of its animals.

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The housing crisis has hit Trois-Riviers headaches, with the rental vacancy rate hitting an all-time low of 1.3%.

The shortage of social housing was also pointed out by those working in the field, with about twenty families requesting emergency accommodation on the 1st.Is July.