May 27, 2022

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Lavagne tests his holders before Rawa

Lavagne tests his holders before Rawa

Three days after conceding defeat to Bechter, JSK will continue another championship match this evening by hosting Magra on the 29th. The kickoff of the meeting, scheduled for 7 p.m., but officially one hour late, will be given at 8 p.m.

After making 7 changes to his squad that faced JSS at home, coach Denis Lavagne hopes to align his regular squad against NC Magra to properly prepare for the CAF Cup final against Raja de Casablanca in Cotonou tonight. The technical staff is betting a lot on this scuffle to stop its strategy for the July 10 poster against the Moroccan representative.

Get confident and get back

The Cowboys need a good result to see the CAF Cup final in better conditions. But before this African meeting, it is necessary to first think about crossing the danger of Magra. A match that does not promise to be easy is, in fact, a team that will not necessarily fall short of limiting the loss to TG-Ozou before the NCM, because the results will be eager to confirm its final good by departing with a positive result. Hodge Bougue’s teammates, who are playing their survival in League 1, are unbeaten in 4 games in a row. Bencherifa and his companions must be careful of the opponent and take him very seriously. Tonight’s victory will allow you to prepare for the CAF Cup Final with good courage and gain some place in the standings.

Watch out for injuries!

A few days separate us from the CAF Cup final against Raja de Casablanca. Denise Lavagne wants to hold her holders against NC Magra tonight and prepare the match for the final, without asking them to be careful to avoid muscle interference. The French technician, who missed the CAF Cup final due to striker Zakaria Boulahia and Badredin Saud, who missed tonight due to an ankle injury, is not sure if the other player will be admitted to hospital. . This is why Benjamin colleagues need to be vigilant.

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The last session was yesterday evening at 6 p.m.

Following the reunion opening session on Friday evening, the technical staff made an appointment with their players at 1 Stadium at 6pm yesterday.Is-November for the 2nd and final training session before tonight’s game. Coach Lavagne and his associates took advantage of this last session to make final adjustments and clear the eleven men starting the match.

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Arab Whistle

For tonight’s match between JSK and NCM at 1 p.m.Is-November, on behalf of the 29th day of Ligu 1, the FAF Refereeing Commission appoints the Director of the Arab Games.