March 21, 2023

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Tour de France: the first podium comes haulku

Tour de France: the first podium comes haulku

Hugo Howell entered the podium of the Tour de France for the first time in his career on Tuesday, during the 10th round of the Grande Bouquel.

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After splitting too quickly in the race with Belgian Tosh van der Sande, the cyclist took the lead 152 kilometers from Astana-Premier Tech, eventually being caught by Peloton with him.

For his efforts, Howell received the prize for the most combat runner, with an award for each stage.

“On the Tour de France, you never know what’s going on and you have to try your luck,” Howell said happily with his work day. Riding in front and giving visibility to the team was a lot of fun. Since there were only two of us we needed a lot of energy to break up and the relays came quickly. I saw a runner going alone and decided to follow him, but I thought we would have more company. “

“It’s the first for me and it’s fun to live the podium protocol,” Howell continues. Attempts to animate the race are fun to spot. It represents a great identity. I took another step in the Tour de France, hoping to win the next one step. “

Third victory for Cavendish

Howell and van der Sande preferred more than five minutes at a time, but the gap quickly narrowed. Quebecker made a few kilometers alone as Peloton overtook Belgium shortly before.

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“Pelotan us a little time is left, because Mark kavendisku to comply with the race of the sprint finish desiyunik-QuickStep wanted. Opponents to offend wanted, but he was again the stage win. Split about me illusions there, especially in the midst of which only two are. The finish line, thirty kilometers They took us before. “

Cavendish, who won for the third time since the start of the Grande Bouquet, signed on for the 33rd stage victory of his career on the Tour de France and only wanted another to join the Belgian Eddie Merks, who had a record of 34 wins from 1969 to 1975.

There is nothing like Friday

If he enjoyed riding in front so much, Howell enjoyed his acting even more on Friday, finishing 12th when he split strong with several big names.

“It simply came to our notice then [mardi], But I am more proud of the seventh stage because of the smell and the success that I have the opportunity to correct the vulnerability. When this split featuring the yellow jersey holder‌, I had more fun. “

Expend a lot of energy

Howl and spent a lot of energy and he is planning to travel to a lot smarter pelotanlo Wednesday.

“I’m going to be warm in Peloton,” he said. The goal is to replenish your energy in a good group and avoid pitfalls. In both cases there is a complete digestive tract. “

Howl 190.7 km race, ranked 123, 4:38, ending more than the winner. He is ranked 54 in the general classification.

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In the case of Guillaume Bovin from the Israeli start-up Nation, he finished 69th and 92nd overall.