November 29, 2022

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Annual OPUS Transportation Tickets | Automatic payments are discontinued until December

Annual OPUS Transportation Tickets |  Automatic payments are discontinued until December

It is a new organization that will be placed in the post-Pandemic world from next September. Teleworking is set up and verified, with some employers choosing hybrid office-home principles, while others call everyone back to the office. We know it, but aside from that, in his own kitchen or his glass office in Placeville Mary, we have no idea how it works. Do you still need a year-round public transportation ticket?

Bruno Bisson

Bruno Bisson

The Regional Metropolitan Transport Authority (ARTM), which financially and pricing public transport in the metropolitan area, announced on Tuesday that it was suspending annual OPUS +, OPUS + Company and OPUS annual passes and automatic payments for OPUS & Cie. Extended until next December.

When life (perhaps) begins to take a new or regular course, it is clearly intended to give subscribers time to determine their future transportation needs during the fall.

ARTM spokesman Simon Charbonnau recalled to the annual headlines that these subscribers were mostly “travelers” workers who were accustomed to taking morning and evening public transportation to and from work. At the beginning of the epidemic, in April 2020, they had 117,063 subscribers to these annual titles, to be paid by advance authorization each month in the metropolitan area.

One year later, last April, despite the epidemic, there were still 76,815 people who actively or suspended these titles.


ARTM stipulates that subscribers who have already discontinued their membership since the outbreak began do not need to request an extension until December. If the customer does not advise, payments for ticket purchases in January 2022 will resume in December 2021.

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Customers can reactivate their membership at any time in their online customer account. Note that when the account is reactivated, it cannot be suspended again.

By announcing the suspension of these ticket payments, ARTM also took care to remember that these tickets could not be used for public transportation as they have been suspended. It is an offense to travel on public transport without a valid ticket, which can result in a fine.

Customers must therefore purchase tickets in cash or store them on an OPUS card separately from where the suspended ticket was recorded.