May 24, 2022

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Drammandville | Quebec bypasses Superior Court to expand landfill site

Drammandville |  Quebec bypasses Superior Court to expand landfill site

Drammandvilleloni of Saint-nikophor Technical Landfill Site (LeT), which allows the expansion of the legalt government by decree, bypassing the city and the Quebec Superior Court’s judgment goes against the will of the citizens.

Jean-Thomas Leville

Jean-Thomas Leville

A “special intervention zone” will be created for this purpose, referring to the draft decree published on Wednesday. Official Gazette du Quebec.

It “allows development and continuity [du LET] Drammandville few places in the city in the territory of “430,000 tonnes of residual materials per year to a maximum of 10 years of burial.

The Superior Court in Drummondville still ruled last winter that the city had no obligation to amend its zoning by-law to allow for the expansion of the LTE, which Quebec authorized for the previous fall.

The project was rejected by the population in a referendum in 2013.

Quebec justifies the need to be compelled by decree and by the “gravity” of the situation to preserve “public health”, while Drummondville’s LET should reach maximum capacity by the end of the summer.

The government “will ensure that it is not possible to transport the removed residual padarthalannintini [LET] Saint-nikophor technology from other parts of the landfill. ”

“Sad day for democracy”

Landfill site, the expansion of the “one-sided” to the “disrespectful” is, of Verdun, the Liberal Member of Parliament and a representative of the environment denied melanannu Isabelle.

“This is a decision against the municipality, the MRC, the citizens and it avoids the court decision,” she declared. Tap.

“It’s the democratization of the sad day,” the Front for environmental waste management Commune kyubakoyis Director General Karel Maynard adds.

Quebec’s decision was “unscientific and incomprehensible” because during the Commission of Inquiry into the Environment’s Bureau of Public Hearings (BAPE) Commission of Inquiry into Final Tailings Management, Isabelle Melanon and Karel Maynard were described.

“We can not wait for an overview of the resolutions, we are going to pieces,” the member protested.

“Surprise” city

The draft decree by the “surprised” drammandville said that, as an “attack on the municipality autonomously,” he described.

The city “is considering various options available to it as well as Drummond’s MRC”, the text adds, confirming that the Minister of Environment and the fight against climate change will meet with Benoit Charet on Thursday at Drummondville. With municipal officials.

Unwilling to confirm or deny this information, and the minister’s office did not respond to questions from the Tap About the decree at the time of this writing.

Waste Management, which owns the landfill, said Tap Before making any comments, “the decree and its operational range of the mechanics,” she asked the question of whether it should be clear from Quebec.

Martin Dussault, director of public affairs in Quebec, said: “This is something we do not know.