July 4, 2022

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Investments | Joe Biden wants to bring “American Century”

Investments |  Joe Biden wants to bring "American Century"

(Washington) 21 Investing in infrastructure and education to doE The century is an “American century”: Joe Biden continued Thursday to defend his major projects that can only see the light of day at the expense of politically balanced action.

Where Ronald Reagan promised the “American Dawn” in 1984, the Democratic president immersed himself in the “American Century” during a visit Wednesday to the establishment of a university in Illinois, the most industrialized state in the northeastern United States. States.

In addition to large traditional investments in infrastructure, from roads to the Internet through water networks, Joe Biden wanted to promote the “second part” of his major revitalization project, which would include “human” capital.

The president said the program “starts with education”, especially in the United States where the number of free education is currently expected to increase from twelve to fourteen or develop a childcare proposal. Children.

Providing twelve years of free education “put us ahead of the world. But now everyone is caught up with us,” he said.

The president has increased the number of visits in recent days, praising his recovery plans, which have not yet been closed.

If Joe Biden wants to pass both of his major infrastructure projects through parliament, he must provide politically balanced action, totaling $ 1000 billion, and a series of ambitious social actions, yet to be determined, but massive.

All will be funded through tax reforms.

For this, he must restore some of the Republicans he has elected and avoid the most progressive Democrats.

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