May 19, 2022

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The city of Quebec is offering electric assisted bicycles as of Friday

The city of Quebec is offering electric assisted bicycles as of Friday

From Friday to October 31, citizens and tourists will roam the streets of the capital on one of 116 electric bikes, which will be accessible to all.

The “Velo” bike-sharing initiative was developed by Risso de Transport de la Capitale in association with PBSC Solutions Urbines, which provided the machines with a value of 6 8.6 million.

Currently, about 100 bicycles are in service for 10 charging stations, usually distributed in the Lower Town and Upper Town areas. However, the team working on the project overtook a complex of 1,000 equipment and 100 stations in four years.

RTC Transformation Coordinator Jimmy Bouchard has assured that the 2021 season will start on season 1, despite the late start due to the launch.Is May.

Prices and Invoice

Users can choose between two types of packages. A journey of less than 30 minutes costs six dollars. A monthly membership with an unlimited number of trips is also offered for $ 35. In both cases, a charge of 25 cents per minute exceeds the allowable half hour.

Payment can be made through the RTC website, through the à Vlo mobile application, on the Apple Store and Google Play or directly at the terminals for a trip.

Terms of use

All users of these electrically assisted bicycles must meet SAAQ requirements and wear a helmet while traveling. For the rest, it comes down to the Highway Code. Therefore, driving against the current in one-way lanes, driving on the sidewalk, etc. are prohibited.

“This summer we have squads, they come to raise awareness among the people,” Mr Bouchard said. To do this, the RTC called Aces Transport.

Teams also take care in distributing the bikes between different charging points so that everyone can access this service.

Position of the first 10 stations

  • 3E Avenue / 8E Rue (3 cornerE Avenue and 8E Rs)
  • Gare du Palais (near the main entrance to the station)
  • From Travers (near the main gate of the Quebec-Lewis ferry)
  • Town Hall (Rs. Pierre-Oliver-Chowdhury, behind Town Hall)
  • Place de Yuville (in the corner of Rue Saint-Jean, Rue de Yuville)
  • Saint-Roach Church (Rue du Purvis, opposite Saint-Roach Church)
  • Durocher Park (corner of Rue de Carillon, Rue Saint-Vallier)
  • Saint-Jean-Baptist Church (opposite Saint-Jean, opposite Saint-Jean-Baptist Church)
  • Park de la Francophony (corner of Rue Jacques-Parijou, Rue Louis-Alexander-Taschero)
  • Avenue Cartier (Rs. Fraser, corner of Avenue Cartier)