May 23, 2022

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The CAQ vaccine removes the effigy from the passport

The CAQ vaccine removes the effigy from the passport

Health Minister Christian Dubey, angered by the unwillingness to vaccinate young people, fired warning shots in the hope that they would be intimidated.

We cannot blame him for trying to accelerate the pace so that Quebec can achieve mass immunity and a normal life this fall.

But the statement he made yesterday was mostly a communication exercise.

Just two weeks ago, the government no longer seemed to be waiting for feedback from public health on the use of vaccine credentials rather than travel.

Suddenly, the minister said, since September, owners of bars or gyms could be forced to require a vaccination passport in the event of a resurgence of COVID-19 in their area.

The minister said they would provide them with digital players to do so.

Move slowly

From the beginning of the fall it was hard to believe that the government could start making calls for tenders, buy a sufficient number of these devices and deploy them everywhere in Quebec if needed.

If he wanted to make sure he could demand a vaccine passport, he would have moved on a long time ago when asked regularly in early spring.

Is reluctant

When Minister Dubey first mentioned about such a passport, Director of Public Health Horacio Aru cried.

In a parliamentary committee, in April, he said, “We are overestimating what it can do and underestimating the clutter and all the problems of the operation.”

The doctor added that if public health is given the green light, it is for “very marginal use”.

Yesterday, Christian Dubey refused to go into the slippery slope where homeowners or landlords could use his passport.

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The president of the ethics committee of Quebec’s National Institute of Public Health said at the end of the day that the “benefit” of the passport outweighs the “risk of this discrimination”.

Minister Dubey recognized this and he did not come to it.

Apparently, he uses this ultimate scarecrow to persuade young people. So get vaccinated, please!