December 8, 2022

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Vote for Martino! | The Journal of Montreal

Vote for Martino!  |  The Journal of Montreal

Election season is beautiful, isn’t it?

Municipal taxpayers are shopping for the mayor, and the Conservative party is thinking about how to prevent Justin from getting a majority …

All training has the solution to the problems that bother us. Even the parties in power for a few years did nothing!

Suddenly, they find renewed energy and ination …

As one comedian said, we should always campaign, because when we are in an election, all elected officials know what to do to solve our problems!

Real chef!

Hey, this is so exciting, I want to start it myself too! Why not?

I already have my motto: “A real party to the real world!” “

Isn’t that beautiful?

I found the first sentence of my opening speech: “The citizen is bored with returnlessness, sales pitch and lies, he wants a leader who can tell the real story!” “

Wow! It sucks, right?

And wait for my second sentence, you will fall on your ass.

“With Martino, we take care of the real issues! “


I put the contents of my washer in my dryer when I thought about it. Suddenly it came to me!

I said to Sophie: “Honey, what do you think?

– It’s great, Dowdow, it hits! “

My party name? Quebecars Party!

The party is not Cubacois, no! My party is Quebecois, a test of fire, created in Quebec!

Party DES Cubacois!

That is: for Quebeckers!


I thought about this while Sophie was ironing my shirts …

Real business!

Do you know what my party is going to do?

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As Melania Jolie says, “he changes the rules of the game”, he now defends the French because his boss needed Quebec to win a majority.

He’s going to do things differently!

We will never see it again! No sir!

Instead of enticing voters to get their votes, we are going to send them for a walk!

We tell their four truths face to face!


For example, we say to the Anglos in Montreal: “We will not give you 200 million to restore Segep Dawson, no! We’re going to give you million 100 million! “


It cries in the cottages, friends!

And bonuses for SAQ bosses? “You won’t have one!” Unless it is written in your contract … “

Tin, toe!

The real truth!

In my party, we will fight against political correctness.

For example, if I have not slept the day before, I will not go four ways, I will look my parts in the eye and I will tell them: “I have a sleepless night! “

Oh, I do not care, no!

I’ll tell them how I got here!

And too bad for the consequences!

We are not brave or belly!

And the party series is over! Gone are the days when chefs surrounded themselves with “Yes Men”!

When I say no, my whole team knows!

This is the party des Cubacois!

Vote for Martino, vote true!