June 27, 2022

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Giant goldfish in Minnesota waters

Giant goldfish in Minnesota waters

(Burnsville) Minnesota leaders are calling on residents to stop the illegal dumping of unwanted fish from state ponds and rivers, where they are reporting huge goldfish growing.

Jean-Benoit Legalt
Associated Press

The small goldfish, soccer ball grows in size, competes with native species for food and contributes to algae growth in lakes.

Ten giant goldfish were found earlier this month in Lake Keller near the Twin Cities during a water quality control operation.

About 20 other fish were found earlier this week, weighing about 45 centimeters and weighing nearly two kilograms.

“Please do not release your goldfish into ponds and lakes!” The officials appealed on Twitter. They get bigger than you think and they help to make the water dirty by moving the sediments at the bottom and pulling the plants up. ”

Officials in the city of Burnsville are leaning towards carp solutions, a startup company that is developing solutions to control the carp population, the bifier cousin of goldfish.

The company uses electrical wires to stun the fish, which then float to the surface. Then we can examine them. The fish were killed on the burnside.

Goldfish and carp can survive in frozen lakes and those with very low water quality because they lose oxygen for a long time, the daily Star Tribune reported. These are usually found first in healthy lakes.