October 3, 2023

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A project that “divides” citizens, Gosselin said

A project that "divides" citizens, Gosselin said

Opposition leader Jean-Franకోois Gosselin condemned the “split” created by the tramway project in Limoi.

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According to him, the crossing of the tram’s barriers are conducive to creating conflict in the districts.

“It divides the citizens well in Limoi. It’s normal. Inserting a tram into the city is complicated. It divides the neighborhood, it divides the people.”

He said his party’s alternative solution was to further “integrate” the lightweight electric underground automatic vehicle (WALSE).

VALSE avoids limoilou

However, Walsey does not serve Limoilou. It provides a metro in the upper town to Parliament Hill, then the Trombus on the Dufferin-Montmorensi, which passes through Limoilou to D’Estimoville.

Mr Gosselin said he was ready to review his plans. “If the citizens of Limoyillo tell us they want a trombus to take de Boulevard Saint-Anne and de la Conardier to depart from de Estimoville, it will be an opportunity. We have space in our budget.”

From his conversations with the people of Quebec 21 leader Limoul, ed recalled that citizens want the status quo with the current metrobus routes.

He believes the Dufferin-Montmorensi route has the advantage of diverting traffic outside the neighborhood.

“Interesting,” Rousseau said

For his part, Democracy Quebec leader Jean Rousseau welcomed the route choice, but many questions from citizens remained unanswered.

It raises questions about public consultation, travel and the impact of traffic, urban development and deforestation.

Scene of 4E [Avenue] I’m interested because we are preserving the place limolois‌ and we are preserving the improvements we got after a long struggle. I’m worried if we go on the 4thE, What do we give to citizens, what kind of development are we making, when are we going to answer the questions asked by citizens? He asks.

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– With Dominic Lellive

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