May 21, 2022

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Jr. Ulysses corrects David Theroux

Jr. Ulysses corrects David Theroux

In the first gala in front of an audience since February 2020, Eye of the Tiger Management gave a flawless performance at the Center Gervice Auto on Friday evening.

It is good to see and hear the audience during the fight. They had to wear the mask the whole evening when they sat socially away.

It is better than nothing. The health protocol introduced by promoter Camille Estephan adheres to public health standards. On the other hand, it was time for him to get some flexibility for his next gala.

“It was a beautiful evening,” said Camille Estefan after the gala. We have 1142 spectators. We’d love to have more, but July is not a good month for boxing with the holidays.

“The weather is great. My boxers appreciated their presence in the stands. “

Federal public health officials should allow foreign boxers to come to Quebec. The quality of the show depends on it. We have nothing against local struggles, but they have reached their limit.

Estefan, backed by his lawyer Anthony Rudman, will begin negotiations for his September 25 event in the coming days. Eric Bazinyan, Christian Embili and many others were able to see some action.

“We’re crossing our fingers to bring in American opponents. That would allow us to combine a great card.”

Ulysses without compromise

In the final of the event, Yves Ulysses Jr. gave another flawless performance, beating David Theroux by a technical knockout in the fifth round.

The Montreal (20-2, 10 KOs) finished the work with a solid right, which the Tharox bowed. On his knees, the Sorrel-Tracy fighter ended his fight with his trainer Remy Lesak for his safety. Good decision.

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This is the second time Tharox has visited the floor in combat. From the second round, Ulysses surprised him with a live double.

Ulysses was never worried during this confrontation. Thanks to his speed and accuracy, he once again showcased his immense talent.

“I have immense respect for David, the man I admire,” said Yves Ulysses Jr. He has been my training partner many times in my career.

“For the rest, I’ll wait for the date and the opponent. I’ll be ready.”

Other fights

In the semifinals, Clovis Drolet (13-1, 9 K.-O.) won a duel with local taste. Beaufort boxer signs victory as the referee stops the third attack on Donic Kroto (5-4, 3 KOs).

After suffering his first defeat among the experts, Rafael Corchesne (9-1, 4 KOs) bounced back with a solid knockout victory over Antarion Laron White (6-5, 5 K. -O.).

Mascotine finished the fight in the first seconds of the fifth round. After throwing a jab, he sent White to Dreamland with a powerful left hook.

In his second professional fight, Alexander Gaumont (2-0, 1 KO.) Did not pull things out. Buckingham’s Pride won by a knockout in the first round with Albert Oliver Titumbaba (1-2, 1 co.).

In his professional debut, Zachary defeated Adu-Florent Ontarian Dylan Ruston (40-36, 39-37 x 2). We must not forget the arbitrary victory of Thomas Chabot against Pierre-Michelle Para.