May 20, 2022

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Nova Scotia voters in the August 17 election | Elections Nova Scotia 2021

There is no doubt that summer elections have been called. Since mid-June, the outgoing Liberal government has been making more announcements in key areas such as health, childhood, affordable housing, transportation and the environment.

It is kept the most secret in the provinceIan Rankin was spotted leaving the Viceroyal residence on Barrington Street just after 10am.

The Liberal leader believes elections in mid-August are necessary for Nova Scotia’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s time, At his press conference in front of the lieutenant-governor’s residence, he repeated several times in English and French.

This province is at a turning point. We must continue to make the right decisions for workers, seniors, families and all Nova Scotians.

A quote from:Ian Rankin, leader of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party

So Ian Rankin tries to lead his troops a third time.

The elected representative for the Halifax area received a narrow parliamentary majority from his predecessor Stephen McNeil in February. However, former Prime Minister and fellow MP Margaret Miller recently resigned Liberals have lost their majority In the Legislature.

The majority in the eyes of liberals

By calling an election on Saturday, Ian Rankin is not only seeking a third term, but is also trying to regain a majority of seats before the next parliamentary session.

The game was not won: no government in Nova Scotia has won three consecutive terms since the 1980s. In addition, the Liberal Party carries Stephen McNeil’s two-word luggage, especially with the public service community, which has identified a number of conflicts.

Ian Rankin, 38, tries to get behind him Weak driving charges This is from 2003 and 2005, but he did not mention it publicly until ten days before the election was called.

I am so sorry that I made a mistake at some point in my life a long time ago, Reiterated the Liberal leader on Saturday before hitting his campaign drum again. I want to tell them about my thoughts for the future of every Nova Scotian I speak to.

The recent elections will give some advantage to the outgoing government, not because of the careful handling of the COVID-19 epidemic. So Ian Rankin will try to take advantage of this advance before the end of the health crisis, says Yvonne Grenier, a political scientist at St. Francois-Xavier University in Antigone.

The Rankin government has other priorities than moving holiday, barbecue and beach schedules. For him, it was a question of getting a warrant [majoritaire] Before the fall parliamentary session.

A quote from:Yvonne Grenier, Professor of Political Science at the University of Saint-Franకోois-Xavier

In addition, Yvonne Grenier said the call for a so-called federal election at the end of the summer gave less space to Ian Rankin ‘maneuver.

As soon as Saturday’s election was called, the Liberals lost a candidate in the Halifax area. Robin Ingraham, who is running for office in Dortmouth South, announced on his Instagram account that he was withdrawing from the race after finding out. There will be an impact [la campagne] Absolutely [sa] Mental health.

Opposition parties are going on

The main opposition parties began their campaign in Halifax on Saturday.

Tim Houston’s Progressive Conservative leader has vowed to make health care his main passion. The question that needs to be answered is: Who can really fix the health care system? He struck out at the first campaign rally on the campus of Dalhousie University.

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It would not be unfortunate if pizza could be obtained faster than an ambulance in this province. It is the result of poor judgment and weak leadership.

A quote from:Tim Houston, leader of Nova Scotia’s Progressive Conservative Party
A group of people standing holding posters.

Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative leader Tim Houston launched his party campaign at a rally on Saturday, July 17, 2021, at the Dalhousie University campus in Halifax.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Adrian Blanc

The elected representative of Pictou County accused the LiberalsTry to buy [les] Votes Nova Scotians Waiting list for family doctor Is on the rise and has about 70,000 patients.

The New Democratic Party (NDP) of Nova Scotia is concerned about the housing problem because the province has suffered Shortage of affordable housing.

Training leader Gary Burrell accused the Liberals of needing to cut public spending, in his opinion, by investing in a better Social Security network.

Here’s what’s at stake in this election: having to leave homes when temporary rent controls are lifted and there is a dramatic rent increase.

A quote from:Gary Burrill, leader of Nova Scotia’s New Democratic Party
Gary Burrill speaks from the podium surrounding people holding election posters.

Nova Scotia New Democratic Party leader Gary Burrell began his campaign on Saturday, July 17, 2021 in Halifax in the presence of a group of activists.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Michael Gorman

If he forms the next government, the NPD They promised to impose permanent restrictions on rent increases and to increase the minimum wage from 95 12.95 to $ 15 per hour.

At the time of the dissolution on Saturday morning, the Nova Scotia Legislature consisted of 24 Liberal MPs, 17 Progressive Conservatives, 5 New Democrats and 3 Independents. There are two vacant seats.

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Accordion Rides was re-established

There are 55 constituencies on the new election map, 4 more than before.

About this Accordion Rides by Argyle, Claire and Richmond, And the African Nova Scotian constituency of Preston, which were re-established after a long court battle.

These small constituencies, which are intended to prevent the votes of the Akkadian and Afro-Nova Scotian minorities from being diluted, make the election of MPs from these communities more likely.

Although the number of COVID-19 cases in Nova Scotia is low, the epidemic is not over yet. Elections Nova Scotia promotes early and postal voting to limit interactions.

The agency wants to prevent that A scene similar to Newfoundland and Labrador, The general election had to be delayed due to a large outbreak.

In addition, more written materials will be provided in French and may be requested by aspiring voters.

For its part, the Akkadian Federation of Nova Scotia wants to take advantage of the ballot to move its files forward. In fact, we communicate with each party, we study their platforms closely and try as much as possible to influence their platforms so that they join. [nos] Interests, Company president Kenneth Dev said in a recent interview with Radio-Canada.

Nova Scotia is the only Canadian province not to hold a general election on a fixed date.