December 6, 2022

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COVID-19: Very uncomfortable, window masks stay away from faculty

COVID-19: Very uncomfortable, window masks stay away from faculty

Transparent window masks intended for daycare centers are no longer used by faculty so it is inconvenient. Result: Stocks accumulate and attack coordinating offices, responsible for their distribution.

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In Quebec, a coordinating office director claimed he had 12,000 surplus window masks. Despite her request to the Family Ministry to stop the delivery, she will receive the same amount this week.

“It simply came to our notice then. To store all these boxes, we use common areas of all staff. It’s going to be very problematic, ”said the director, who prefers to keep her anonymity for fear of retaliation.

The corridor is cut in half at a coordinating office in Beauport, buried under office boxes in the eastern townships.

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The corridor is cut in half at a coordinating office in Beauport, buried under office boxes in the eastern townships.

Lucy Theriolt, general manager of the group of CPEs in these townships, said, “Since I do not know where to put all these boxes employees, it is possible that we are still teleworking.

“We don’t know what we’ll do with these masks,” she says.

Made in China

From May, the coordinating offices, which usually provide family daycare services, will serve as a “drop-off point” for the distribution of masks, intended for all types of daycare centers in its territory.

Those in charge of daycare services should go there every month to collect equipment.

However, the masks of a company called Medsup, which is made in China, are far removed from most academics.

“Educators are tired and have decided to give up this fight,” said Ellis Paradis, director of the Early Childhood Centers (CPE) groups in Quebec and Chowder-Appalaches.

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Last April, Newspaper Many of them also reported comments that these masks can quickly cause fog and headaches, Breathing is difficult and above all, listening with children.

“We were told to come to the daycare and get them, but they were told they didn’t want them and the academics didn’t want to wear them anymore,” said the director of a coordinating office in Quebec.

Go back to square one

Therefore, it is clear that it will return to Square One, but a good number of academics will choose to return to wearing formal masks (blue masks). The “biggest losers” of this “expulsion” of window masks are children, excuse us.

These masks allow them to see the educator’s face and lips, thereby promoting their development and language learning.

Tender on ice

A third call for tenders has also been launched with the aim of serving daycare from August to December, now favoring products made somewhat in Quebec.

According to our information, the Quebec company Primont won.

However, large stockpiles of Chinese masks could cost the deal nearly $ 2 million.

Asked Newspaper, Family Ministry spokesman Bryan St. Louis could not specify what would happen to these surplus window masks.

“Masks are expected to be used,” he stressed.

The ministry has confirmed that deliveries to coordinating offices will continue as long as masks are required to be worn at public health daycares.

Mr. St. Louis also invites the Coordinating Offices to report their surplus to the Ministry so that subsequent deliveries can be adjusted accordingly. However, the coordinating directorates of the offices said Journal, Received large deliveries even after requesting a complete halt to deliveries of window masks.

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