May 25, 2022

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The Green Party has initiated legal action against Annami Paul

The Green Party has initiated legal action against Annami Paul

The internal dispute in the Green Party does not appear to have been resolved, and no matter what its leader says, the party on Wednesday launched legal action against Annami Paul. Documents filed in court Destiny, Provide more details about the internal struggle for the head of the fifth political establishment in Ottawa.

The court application, filed Wednesday in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, is to appeal the decision of a private arbitrator appointed to resolve the dispute between the party and its leader, Annami Paul. The Green Party and its governing body say the mediator overruled his order by reducing the two steps taken by the Federal Council – the party executive – which could result in Mr being shown the door.To me Paul.

Monday, examples of the Green Party Confirmed The no-confidence motion against Annami Paul on July 20 was condemned, at least until next month. The process of modifying the chef membership card has also been stopped. If the next federal election is called by then, it will leave the politician to run the election campaign for the Greens head.

However, at a press conference on Monday, the leader gave no explanation for these unexpected incidents, during which time, several influential party officials, In addition to its Quebec section, Seemed to be busy behind the scenes pushing her towards the exit. Annami Paul called the internal conflict “arbitrary propaganda” against her, without further details.


According to documents filed in Ontario court, Mr.To me In early July Paul responded to his party using the services of a private mediator, as provided in his employment contract when the dispute occurred. Toronto attorney Earl Cherniak is said to have forced the party to suspend a no-confidence vote on a leader scheduled for July 15, five days after the party’s next general meeting in August. He was also the one who stopped the process of withdrawing the status of Mr. Member.To me Paul, July 19.

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The Green Party felt in its request not to follow the mediator’s orders, as it had not signed Mr.’s employment contract.To me Paul. It was signed with the Green Party Fund, a separate party from the Federal Council responsible for signing checks and hiring employees.

In an email sent and received by its members on Wednesday Destiny, The Green Party has shown interest in informing its supporters of ongoing legal action. “We want to let you know Green Party of Canada And the Green Party of Canada Fund filed a petition in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. This request is related to some internal policies of the Director General of the Federal Council and the Party Leader, ”the French version of the message said.


Earlier in the day, Chief Annami Paul told reporters in a video conference that she could not comment further on the internal strife in her party and felt it was over. “I showed as much clarity and transparency as possible,” she said.

This comment seems to have confused the party officials behind the email to the members. “We understand that the leader is of the opinion that the party adheres to certain rules of confidentiality, which we are disputing,” he said, inviting Green supporters to consult documents filed in court.

I am as clear and transparent as possible

Said a senior Green Party official Destiny Legal action is likely to teach us more about the source of the conflict, such as Mr. Requests.To me Paul and this annoyed the Federal Council. The goal of legal action is not to quickly remove Annami Paul, but to defeat arbitration to regain control of the Green Party’s decisions.

Om leadershipTo me Paul has been struggling since New Brunswicker Jenica Atwin, one of three Green MPs in Ottawa, joined the Liberal Party in mid-June. A close adviser to the chief was insulted for being in favor of the Palestinian cause during the last escalation of the conflict with Israel. For her, the boss denied the version of these facts, Blaming the media For playing his deputy defector’s game, without displaying other explanations.

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