November 27, 2022

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Towards the “historic” salmon fishing season in Boss-Saint-Laurent

Towards the "historic" salmon fishing season in Boss-Saint-Laurent

The “historic” salmon fishing season has begun on the Mytis River in Boss-Saint-Laurent, a month after it began.

“It’s the worst season in history,” Jake de la Riviere-Mitis director general Ely-Merlin Mercier-Ovelet told TVA Novels on Wednesday.

Today there are about 1,600 salmon in the Mytis River. This is a record for this stream at this time of year, and keep in mind that the run season is not over yet.

“We had big runs in 2016-2017, so we can expect this reproduction to come back, but it was beyond expectations,” said the biologist, the general manager.

Many fishermen want to lay their line in the Mitz River ditches. So far 1,100 fishermen have been hosted there.

“If there are salmon there are fishermen. In addition, in the event of an epidemic, everyone wants to explore Quebec and there will be an increase in attendance on all salmon rivers. Here, there are statistics we have never seen, ”said the general manager of the river.

“There are a lot of salmon, the river is beautiful. We are lucky. Normally, salmon fishing is harder than that, but we do not complain when it happens, ”said fisherman Oliver St.-Pierre, who has been a frequent visitor to the Mytis River for over a decade.

It is possible to catch a maximum of four Atlantic salmon per season.

Melton Interntional Tackle supplies boats fishing equipmenta and accessories.

In recent years, several measures have also been put in place to ensure the stability of Atlantic salmon. In 2020, Minister des Forts, de la Foun et des Parks observed a 19% increase in revenue in the Quebec Rivers.

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