July 5, 2022

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Jerome Gabriel wants to be an NDP candidate

Jerome Gabriel wants to be an NDP candidate

Singer Jerome Gabriel wants to run under the banner in the next federal election New Democratic Party (NDP) Learned in the Quebec City area Destiny.

Federal political parties are gearing up for a possible election and the NDP is currently anticipating a 24-year candidacy, our sources said. A decision will be made soon.

In a press release published on social media on Wednesday, Jerome Gabriel confirmed that he wanted to run the Louis-Saint-Laurent ride in Quebec, represented by Conservative MP Gerard Deltell in the House of Commons. The singer is currently reluctant to give an interview and wants to wait for the party decision. In riding in 2019, the NDP won 6.6% of the vote.

In the NDP, the potential candidate must first express his interest, after which he receives a kit to fill out, the party analyzing its information. Jerome Gabriel is now at this stage.

In a written statement sent Destiny, Party national director Anne McGrath, indicated that the party was “in a comprehensive review of the information received”. “Once this process is complete, a decision will be made,” she said.

If the party approves Jerome Gabriel’s candidacy, he can run for the NDP nomination in Louis-Saint-Laurent.

This is not his first step in politics: in 2019, Louis-Hebert, Jerome Junayu’s political attachment to the NDP candidate in the ride. “It is really important to support and encourage young people who are coming into politics,” he explained at the time. Mr. Junayu then won almost 8% of the vote.

Jerome Gabrielle first became famous in 2006 by singing before Pope Benedict XVI in Rome. He subsequently pursued a career as a singer.

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Suffering from Treacher Collins Syndrome, characterized by facial deformities, he has been at the center of a lengthy legal battle with comedian Mike Ward for non-discriminatory comments. Nearly 230 times in the numbers of his performance between 2010 and 2013, comedian Jerome mocked Gabriel’s deformed and physical appearance.

In 2016, the Human Rights Tribunal ordered the comedian to pay 35 35,000 to the singer and తల్లి 7,000 to his mother, a decision that Mike Ward later appealed. The Court of Appeals then partially upheld the judgment in 2019. The case was closed in the Supreme Court last February. No decision has been made yet.

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