May 20, 2022

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France | Health passport must be received with a single vote

France |  Health passport must be received with a single vote

(Paris) COVID-19 anti-health passport is set to be adopted on Sunday evening, with aides and senators compromising on the controversial text, the day after day, to mobilize its rivals.

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The 14 members of parliament who met in the joint committee confirmed their agreement early in the evening after a nearly four-hour meeting. The right-wing Senate adopted the text in the wake of 195 votes against, 129 against and 17 abstentions.

A last-minute government amendment authorizing prefects to impose a health passport on some shopping malls in a very constructive manner – the measure in the Joint Committee – has disappeared.

The final reception of the bill comes back to the assistants overnight.

At the same time, executive vaccinations are continuing in the hope of crossing the 40 million first-vaccine mark on Monday, a month earlier than the initial target.

From the Polynesia he was traveling in, President Emmanuel Macron wanted to send a “very strong message to call on everyone to be vaccinated” to protect themselves and others.

The Senate voted for the first time from Saturday to Sunday into a bill that would provide for a controversial extension of the vaccine liability and health passport for guardians. But with significant changes compared to the text approved by the National Assembly, the government did not like it.

However, aides and senators came to a compromise. Thus beyond November 15, the passport policy can only continue with a new vote in Parliament. Checks are the responsibility of the administrative police, not the criminal justice system at first.

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Not considered “criminals”

In addition, as requested by the senators, health insurance is regulated as mandatory isolation for those contaminated by COVID-19, prior to police intervention if necessary.

According to Senator Herve Marseille (centrist union) “we cannot consider the French as criminals”.

Finally, there will be no dismissal for individuals who do not respect the vaccine liability due to their occupation, but the salary will be suspended. The matter was discussed in two rooms.

“COVID-19 is temporary, the removals are final,” argued the LR Reporter in Senate Philip Boss.

However, the Ministry of Labor regretted the removal of the provision on dismissal. According to him, this provides less protection for employees, because after termination of the employment contract, disciplinary action can be initiated without a period of two months initially provided and without a guarantee of severance pay to the employee.

The extended passport must be applied for in early August. Time is running out in the wake of contaminants linked to the spread of the highly contagious delta variant.

Once adopted, the text has yet to pass the filter of Prime Minister Jean Costex and the Constituent Assembly captured by the Left.

Following the first national mobilization on July 17, dozens of demonstrations took place again on Saturday.

More than 160,000 people marched across the country, including 11,000 in Paris, according to the Interior Ministry: “for freedom” and “against health dictatorship”.

One of the relics of the Parisian ions, made primarily of the “yellow dress”, was paused by occasional incidents. At the call of Patriots President Florian Philippott, several thousand people gathered at Trocadero.

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The executive has a role to play in accelerating the fourth wave of epidemics that scientists and the minister fear will “be strong, with a hospital effect, which could be very difficult in mid- or late August.”

In addition to the vaccine liability for caregivers, firefighters or professionals working with the elderly, the bill provides for the extension of a health passport (complete vaccination course, recent negative test or recovery certificate) to coffee shops and festivals in early August. And exhibitions, airplanes, long-distance trains and coaches, medical institutions.

In the wake of a significant increase in the number of Calvados prefecture cases, it announced a “voluntary experiment” from Sunday in bars and restaurants in Deauville and Traville.