May 25, 2022

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Tokyo Games: Simon Piles Withdrawal Explained by an Expert

Tokyo Games: Simon Piles Withdrawal Explained by an Expert

Alain Vignelt, a consultant and psychopedagog expert in psychological preparation, is well established. He has competed in six Olympic Games (Turin, Vancouver, London, Sochi, Rio and Pyongyang) with athletes from around the world. Here is what she took on the famous American gymnast Simon Piles’ team leaving the competition.

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“This is not uncommon for athletes who practice acrobatic sports Shutdown Neurological. They get lost in the movement and they get confused. Simone Piles is likely to experience this kind of episode where she deliberately changed the way she made her first jump to low spinning. With her experience, she immediately knew something was wrong. It can be nerve damage that happens in the air and there can be fear when it happens. This is often done with a trampoline. For sports like ski jumping, the athlete often has time to find his bearings in the air, but for sports like diving or gymnastics it can be very fast and it can be dangerous. ”

It is very difficult to make an accurate diagnosis on the exact cause of this episode, but the expert lists several factors that need to be carefully observed. “Professionals working with Piles‌ need to know his personal history. They need to establish whether this is an isolated event called the trigger. There may also be psychological overload over the years. You should also look at your total energy and many other psychosocial factors before the competition. The answer probably lies in all of these.”

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Difficult sport

A teammate of many athletes stressed that gymnastics in particular should tax the nervous system.

“It is not normal to lower your head too often. The brain was not made for it. Over time, there will be wear and tear on the nervous system called mental overload. It is very difficult to see the athlete. This overload accumulates over many years. It is not uncommon to see former professional hockey players and former athletes, who say they are still very tired. ”

Extra stress

The specialist agrees that Simon Piles is no other athlete, and her great popularity around the world also brings an extra factor to watch.

“When she said she felt the pressure of the whole earth on her shoulders, it’s important. We should also consider her victim in the American gymnastics scandal over the abuse of Dr. Larry Nasser. She said her training during the pandemic was very difficult, all of which helped somewhat.”

Thin hope

According to Alain Vignelt, it is possible to come back from this kind of episode.

“There are many methods available such as hypnosis and limbic training. Having to deal with these kinds of events happened to me twice during the Olympics. I have been successful in helping my athletes compete again, but I have had more time to work with them than the Byles available. It is not guaranteed to be successful. It is a great honor in my eyes to this day. The last thing to mention is that the final decision must be up to the athlete, as Giovanni Rochett chose to compete in the Olympics after her mother died in Vancouver. ”

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