July 7, 2022

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Muscat Falls: “Quebecs don’t have to pay for this mess”

Muscat Falls: "Quebecs don't have to pay for this mess"

Both parties, first at the federal level and second at the regional level, have accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of favoring the Atlantic province, discouraging the same terms. Unfair competition Towards Quebec.

By launching this project, the Newfoundland government did not hide the fact that it was harming Quebec, bypassing Quebec territory and competing with Hydro-Quebec in export markets.As in the United States, Mario Simard, spokesman for the Black Cubacois for Natural Resources, said in a press release Wednesday that a few hours laterFederal Declaration.

During a potential call for a federal election, a member of the Jonquier also accused Justin Trudeau Buy votes In Newfoundland and Labrador.

At the same time, he criticized the Prime Minister of CanadaSurround In 2 5.2 billion Bottles well.

Since the announcement of the energy project in 2010, cost estimates for hydropower dams and power transmission infrastructure have doubled, from a recent estimate of $ 6.2 billion to $ 13.1 billion. According to the latest estimates, in September 2020, the energy company Nalcore oversaw the project.

Quebeckers do not have to pay for this mess, Criticized Mr. Simard. Bailing a malicious project in Quebec with our money Is Really scandalous!

Federal aid, now reaching $ 13.1 billion, has so far taken the form of debt guarantees, initially given by the Conservative government to Stephen Harper, then expanded by his successor, the Liberal government. Prior to the deal, which was announced Wednesday, Ottawa had pledged $ 7.9 billion in Newfoundland debt for the project.

The National Assembly has unanimously denied federal participation in the project three times.

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This new intervention in energy development is unacceptable, Liberal Party of Quebec leader Dominic Angled rebels on Twitter.

Quebec was able to develop its hydropower using its own resources without federal financial assistance. […] This decision creates significant disparities between the provinces.

A quote from:Dominic Anglade, leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

This statement This is giving a very bad signal to Quebec as the election campaign is shaping up in Ottawa, She noted.

Condemning the silence he has so far maintained on the issue, the Liberal leader called on Quebec Premier Franois Legalt to intervene quickly to protect the province’s interests.

Representative for training on energy and natural resources echoed Pierre Arkand.

The Coquista government is committed to making Quebec the battery of Northeast America. Why stand idle when the federal government and the forces of Newfoundland and Labrador join forces to provide unfair competition to Hydro-Quebec?, He wrote on Twitter.

Trudeau “mutual aid”

Trudeau, who was elected by the Liberals in 2019 to six of the seven MPs in the province, said federal funding Ensure the financial viability of the project while protecting citizens from major power surges.

At a press conference, it was argued that the decision would be well received in Quebec as well.

Like all Canadians the Quebeckers understand how important it is to help each other and we need to recognize each other when there are challenges., He announced.

The Prime Minister argued that everyone should Look forward to seeing the future with more clean energy.

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His government signaled its intention to send a lifeline to Newfoundland and Labradors in February 2020, announcing talks for Financial restructuring Hydropower projects in the province.